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quality loop

The most important indicator of successful workproduction are the features of a particular product or service. The presence of improved properties of the goods makes the enterprise more competitive and increases the efficiency of production.

Huge value in the system of production of quality products has a life cycle or quality loop.

A quality loop is referred to as a model linked betweenthe methods of activity that affect the feature of the product at different stages - from the definition of needs to the satisfaction of these needs.

The quality loop is a relationship between the components of a full cycle of manufacturing services or products that affect the properties of the product.

When managing properties and features of products, the orientation is placed on the consumer, the system approach and the attraction of all levels of the product life cycle.

The cycle of development of production form the components of the management, which are included in its basis. In accordance with international ISO standards, the quality loop is a product development cycle that looks like a vicious circle.

The system of product marks should be developed taking into account the activities of the enterprise, and cover all stages of the product life cycle.

In the life cycle, the following stages are distinguished:

  1. Market research, marketing;
  2. Creation and development of requirements;
  3. Creation of products;
  4. Provision in material and technical terms;
  5. Preparation and production technology;
  6. Production;
  7. Inspection and control;
  8. Storage and packaging;
  9. Product realization;

10. Operation and installation;

11. Technical assistance;

12. Disposal.

The quality loop of the product carries out the connection between the manufacturer and consumers, and also provides interrelation with the objects providing control.

Regulation of the improvement of product properties occurs cyclically, that is, passes through the stages. This cycle is called the Deming circular cycle. The Deming cycle includes four stages:

  1. Planning;
  2. Exercise;
  3. Control;
  4. Interaction management.

In the circular cycle Deming laid the foundation for the implementation of basic management functions, which are aimed at ensuring the proper conditions for the creation of quality services and their worthy application.

Therefore, in the management system when providingsystem process requires the unification of quality rings with the Deming circle. This will determine the main stages of the process and the complexity of the process throughout the product development cycle.

There are three directions in the system of features that affect the stages of the quality loop:

  1. Quality assurance is all planned andAdditional activities in the structure of the quality system necessary to realize the required level of confidence and reliability in that the facility will meet the conditions imposed on quality.

  2. Quality management is the types and methodsactivities that are used to fulfill the conditions for the production of quality goods. They are aimed at managing the process and eliminating the causes of unfair activity at all stages of the quality loop, in order to achieve economic efficiency.

  3. Improvement of quality - these are activities that are conducted to improve the effectiveness, efficiency of activities and processes, to generate profit for the organization and benefit to consumers.

The quality loop is an important link in the system of propertiesand features of goods and services. It indicates the relationship of the producer with the consumer and the rest of the chain, which ensure the proper quality of the product. Therefore, for the normal functioning of all processes, based on the quality loop, a complex and effective approach and management is needed.

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