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Whether it is possible to press during pregnancy. Constipation during pregnancy

Constipation during pregnancy is a phenomenon thatknown almost every woman and mother. This problem is most difficult at the end of the second and final trimesters. Thus, expectant mothers always have many questions. What drugs to use to ease your condition, can you push your feet during pregnancy and how to eat properly to avoid such an outcome? We will try to disassemble these questions together with you.

Whether it is possible to press on during pregnancy

Relevance of the problem

Only at first glance it does not matter. At a long time and without that a woman feels a constant weight in the abdomen, especially after eating. If pain and raspiraniya due to overcrowded intestines are added to this, then the situation becomes completely unpleasant. Talking about whether it is possible to press on during pregnancy, it is worth noting that this can be very dangerous. Let's look at what this threatens.

Causes of development

It is believed that constipation in a delicate period associatedwith the fact that the baby grows every day, and presses more and more on the intestines. Of no small importance are psychological stress, as well as dietary breakdowns. In general, there are two types of constipation in pregnant women:

  • Alimentary.
  • Mechanical.

The causes of the first is a sharp, intestinala decrease in the amount of water, a restriction in food intake due to toxicosis, as well as a predominance in the diet of foods poor in fiber. A mechanical constipation is a consequence of intestinal obstruction.

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Life Realities

Doctors, in principle, do not recommend anyone stronglypush. If there are problems with defecation, then it is necessary to apply for diagnostics and medical treatment to the doctor. And gynecologists on a question, whether it is possible to press during pregnancy, answer unequivocally - in no event. This contributes to the development of hemorrhoids, leading to the formation of cracks and bleeding in the anus.

But that is not all. Constipation is the main cause of microflora disorders. Pathological bacteria can enter the reproductive organs, causing inflammation. Poor excretion of feces leads to the development of putrefactive processes in the intestines, which means that the toxins will be absorbed into the blood and get to the baby. And the most dangerous period in regard to the development of complications are attempts in the first and last trimester. In an unfavorable combination of circumstances, this can lead to a spontaneous abortion.

Whether it is possible to press for constipation during pregnancy

Assess the risks correctly

This is also an important pointto understand, before finally to answer the question, whether it is possible to press on during pregnancy. Talking about the undesirability of straining, you should know that it is only about significant efforts that are accompanied by pain and discomfort. Therefore, if you do not experience serious inconvenience, then there is nothing to worry about. Otherwise, it is worth immediately contacting a specialist.

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How to go to the toilet with constipation

When asked if it is possible for pregnant women to push,the answer is negative. However, it is necessary to take into account a number of accompanying factors. If the condition of the pregnant woman is normal, there is no uterine tone, then minor efforts can not harm either the mother or the child. However, if the doctor for some reason believes that bearing the fetus at risk, it is recommended to forget about any efforts and choose a soft laxative with the help of a specialist.

In some cases, you should avoid any significant effort, including in the toilet. Every future mother should remember this. So, you should definitely consult with your doctor if:

  • At any time of pregnancy, cervical dilatation is observed, which is accompanied by pain.
  • Disturbing discharge, including with splotches of blood.
  • Suddenly starting fights, accompanied by the escape of amniotic fluid, also require immediate medical attention.

In other cases, there are options to think about,Whether it is possible to press for constipation during pregnancy. If a woman feels well and the effort is not too significant, then bans on the part of doctors will be minimal. However, in this case the actions should be very careful.

Is it dangerous to push the toilet in pregnant women?

The basic rules for a future mother

Since it is correct to push with constipation, few peoplehe knows how to stop at this point in more detail. If nothing happens, then do not harass yourself for hours sitting on the toilet. Instead, you need to lie down on the couch and try to relax. Make a light massage of the abdomen, including pleasant music, and then try to go to the toilet again. Most often, after such actions, gases start to escape, and it becomes mute easier.

All doctors are unanimous in the question of whether it is dangerousto push in the toilet to pregnant women. However, it is clear to everyone that without the act of defecation the future mother can not do. Therefore, the main task is to solve the problem of how a woman can go to the toilet without much effort. And the best way is to prevent constipation.

constipation during pregnancy causes and treatment

Toilet every day

And the regime plays here not the last role. Usually, women ignore the urge to defecate due to congestion at work. This is also one of the reasons that the work of the bowel is broken. Regular trips to the toilet in the morning will be an ideal solution. However, it is better to start doing this before the pregnancy.

It is important to observe the correct drinking regime. Lack of water is the first factor for the formation of too dense feces, which are extremely difficult to move through the intestines.

Safe therapy

How can I correct constipation during pregnancy? Causes and treatment should be analyzed and monitored by a physician. Long-term therapy may be prescribed, which will gradually improve the condition. However, if you need quick help, it is recommended to use a mild laxative. This is often the "Dufalak". Another safe means, which is assigned to a future mother, are glycerin suppositories.

Important is the emotional statewomen. Under stress, the intestines are spasmodic and unable to function normally. Therefore, relaxation, gentle massages, warm drinking and optimal nutrition will be an ideal solution to the delicate problem.

Instead of concluding

Constipation in pregnant women is very common. There are a number of objective reasons for this. It is important to note that pushing women in this difficult period is categorically not recommended. The future mother needs to monitor her diet and drinking regimen, physical activity and regularly visit the toilet. If the constipation could not be avoided, then it is recommended to use a soft laxative once a day.

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