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Fir broom for a bath: recommendations for the manufacture and use

For several centuries our ancestorsused fir broom. Unlike other conifers, it is much softer and softer, so it is suitable even for people with very sensitive skin. After reading this article, you will learn about the main advantages of such products.

What are the useful properties of a fir broom for a bath?

How to smell this product, you will learn further. In the meantime, we suggest a better understanding of its unique healing effect. Pine needles are not as sharp as spruce or pine. Therefore, it is often used for making bath brooms.

fir birch

In addition, products from the branches of this plantare considered a great help in the prevention of colds. A wide and comfortable fir broom helps to fight with bronchitis, has a beneficial effect on the circulatory system and the whole body. Made with it, massage relaxes muscles well. And the aroma of this plant perfectly eliminates the nervous tension and disinfects the air in the room.

In fir needles contains a large numberresinous substances. They contribute to increased sweating and improve blood circulation in muscles and internal organs. Due to the disinfecting properties of such a broom has a beneficial effect on the skin, cleaning it from pathogens.

Features of the workpiece

Fir grows on damp fertile soils, interrain with a relatively cool climate and clean air. Even our distant ancestors appreciated it for its unique healing properties and used to make bath brooms. These products can not be stored for long. Those who are interested in how and when to harvest fir brooms for a bath, it will be useful to know that the needles of this plant do not tolerate the drying process. It falls off pretty quickly, so it does not store it for future use.

fir birch for a bath

The best time to collect fir isspring-summer period. It is in these months on the evergreen trees there is a large number of tender young shoots. In these fragrant branches a lot of useful substances are concentrated.

Manufacturing process

Fir birch is made from pine needles harvested insunny dry weather. For these purposes, branches are suitable, the length of which does not exceed seventy centimeters. The thickest of them are laid inside the future product, surrounding them with thinner twigs. It is important to make sure that the curved edges of the shoots are facing the broom. In the place where the handle is supposed to be placed, there should be no knots and small needles.

how to fend for a fir broom

During the mating process,so as a result you have a flat broom. In the end, the bundled bundle should be tied with twine or any other strong rope. This should be done in the place where the handle of the broom is located. Then it remains only to straighten the ends of fir branches and wrap the handle with a bandage or cloth.

when to harvest fir brooms for a bath

Those who can not makefull-bodied fir broom, you can recommend the use of oil obtained from the needles of this plant. It is extracted from the lapnik with the help of a special apparatus. At the same time from a two-hundred-liter barrel, densely packed with fir branches, you can get only one and a half liters of oil.

Who should not bathe fir broom?

Despite the invaluable benefits of such a procedure,there are a number of contraindications. Fir brooms for a bath are not recommended for people with an individual intolerance of the components contained in them. Do not use these products during pregnancy. This is due to the fact that fir does not have a very favorable effect on the future baby. Also, it is better to refuse them for the time of treatment of open wounds, since a broom can cause augmentation of pain sensations.

How to steal a fir broom?

There are several ways to prepare. The first of them implies a ten-minute exposure of the product in boiling water. This is a fairly fast method. However, the speed of preparation significantly reduces its useful properties. During this time, needles are literally boiled in water, leaving in it the lion's share of valuable substances.

fir birch for a bath

The second method allows you to save the maximumuseful properties, but this procedure takes a lot longer. Fir broom must be pre-soaked in a container of water. After a few hours, his needles will become softer.

The third method involves steaming the broom with boiling water and then drying it over the glowing stones. It is important to observe the measure. Otherwise, there is a risk of drying the product.

Massage with a fir broom

A long tradition to steam with the help of coniferous brancheswas born several centuries ago. For the first time, residents of Altai and Siberia began to do this. It is in those parts that coniferous trees are especially valued. Young, well-roasted needles are absolutely not pricked. Massage using a fragrant fir broom has anti-inflammatory, analgesic and disinfectant effect.

It is established that the regular implementation of thisThe procedure helps strengthen the immune system, rejuvenate the skin and eliminate fatigue. In addition, these actions stimulate brain activity, relax and relieve stress. Massage with fir birch is recommended for people who are diagnosed with arthritis, myalgia, neuralgia and skin diseases.

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