/ The rare names of boys. A rare Russian name for a boy

The rare names of boys. A rare Russian name for a boy

Perhaps, one of the most pleasant momentspregnancy is the choice of a name for the future baby, because each of them carries its sacred meaning, its value. Now it is very fashionable to call children unusually, and often future parents are interested in old Russian names. In this article we list the rare names of boys.

rare names of boys


In translation from Greek means "leader""Leader", "chief". It sounds solid, confident, and bold. If parents choose this rare Russian name for the boy, it will endow its possessor with such character traits as perseverance, activity, the desire to always and in everything be the best. Aristarchs always come out victorious from any, even the most difficult situation. Love to read and analyze. Thoughtful and serious. They love sports and often choose it their profession. Marriages of adult Aristarchs always turn out well. They celebrate the day of the angel on November 27 and January 17.


This name belonged to one of the first princesKievan Rus. If the future mom and dad make their choice looking through the beautiful rare names for boys, Askold is a great option! In translation from ancient German means "one who owns a spear". People with this name are brave, resourceful, cunning and dexterous. They never lose their presence in extreme situations. Askolds are collected and resolute. Sometimes they are stubborn and somewhat conflicted, but they rarely go beyond the generally accepted framework. People with this name are rightly considered "the soul of the company," they are welcome guests in any home. Name day Askoldy celebrated on August 6.

rare Russian name for the boy


Translated from Latin means "strong andhealthy". If you choose this rare Russian name for the boy, he will grow up to be a calm and balanced person with an analytical mind. Valerians are great optimists, often because of this they are successful in everything: in their careers and in their personal lives. They are unhurried, do not take rash decisions and do not stick to unpleasant stories. Being absolutely not conflict, people with this name are perfectly able to stand up for themselves and their interests. Christmas season at Valerian on December 12, May 17 and November 7.


Literally means "God's plan." Demidis are true fighters for justice, defenders of the weak. Such people are the personification of high moral principles. They are courageous, selfless, calm and thoughtful. Men with this name have such rare qualities in our time as kindness, openness, generosity. They perfectly are able to combine career and family. The most important thing in relations between people for Demid is loyalty and loyalty. They have few friends, but they are time-tested. They are incredibly hardworking, but money is not their highest value for them. Day of the angel Demid celebrates July 3 and September 2.

beautiful rare names for boys


In translation from the ancient Greek Demian -"Conqueror". Being in his childhood a very noisy and disobedient boy, Demyan grows up in a man who is demanding of himself and others. People with this name are emotional, impulsive and somewhat harsh. Nevertheless, this does not prevent them from being judicious and cautious. Demians are artistic, have a good sense of humor and can support the conversation absolutely on any topic. They are a bit stubborn and selfish, but these qualities help them achieve their goals. Demians are monogamous, the family for them comes first. Name days are celebrated on March 8 and November 14.


It is headed by rare modern names forboys. In translation from Hebrew it means "savior". Yeliseyev has a very rich imagination, they are musical, plastic and artistic. People with this name like to read and learn a lot. They are curious, open, straightforward and have an innate sense of justice. Elisha is smart and cunning, and also kind and cheerful. A little quick-tempered. Men-Elisha enjoy great popularity among women, but this does not corrupt them. Having married, they keep their faithfulness to their wife all their lives, protecting their loved one from adversity. A leader by nature, Elisey will achieve everything he wants. Such people, as a rule, reach career heights. Name day at Elisha on June 14.

the rarest name for a boy


From the Latin word translated as "zealous." Boys with this name are rarely disobedient - as a rule, they are complaisant and compliant. This name gives its owner various talents, especially musical ones. Emelyans know how to keep their word and always control any situation. They are charming, amiable, the favorites of society. They rely only on themselves and never put their problems on others. They are proud of themselves. They like to travel. In their personal lives, men with this name are quite happy, but their wives need to exercise some vigilance. Career Yemelyan successfully formed in a trading or artistic career. They celebrate the day of the angel on January 31, March 29 and August 21.


Many future parents find this name whenviewing information about the rarest names of boys. Among modern children, Evlampia is practically not found - and absolutely in vain! This name is able to give its owner such qualities as practicality and the desire for self-improvement. Evlampy from Ancient Greek is translated as "luminous". Men with this name are compassionate, sensual and independent. They have a calm, balanced character. Everyone has an opinion. With Evlampy it is always interesting to talk - he is a great storyteller and a grateful listener. In relationships with women, men with this name are somewhat windy. They can marry several times. Name day Evlampiya fall on the 5th of March.


From Latin it is translated as "fire". People with this name are very wayward. There is a certain amount of stubbornness and selfishness in them. Ignatii likes to lead and everywhere to be leaders. Talented in all spheres, the owners of this name are doing well in any field. They are resourceful, enterprising and enterprising. To some extent innovators and pioneers. Ignatiev always has many different ideas and ideas. Men with this name are often unrestrained in language and somewhat aggressive. They value their freedom and marry only because of great love. Day of the Angel at Ignatiev on February 11, May 13 and September 10.


This is perhaps the rarest name for a boy. In Greek, it means "a beautiful warrior". People with this name are incredibly brave, bold, fortunate. They never depart from the intended plan. For all their inner strength, the Callistratus is unusually kind and gentle. Men with this name are attentive husbands and exemplary fathers. They do not like to find out the relationship and quarrel over trifles. Being able to achieve the set tasks, Callistratov often occupy leadership positions. They are named after October 10.

rare modern names for boys


Another name in the list called "Rarenames of boys ". From Latin it is translated as "light". Lukhyans have a strong sense of duty and responsibility and always strive for justice and truth. They are kind, reliable, sympathetic and very fond of praise. People with this name do not have problems with self-esteem - they are always confident in themselves. Very hardworking. Emelyans have a wonderful intuition. Do not be alien to them and logic. Sharp thinking always leads them to success in any field of activity. Lukyanov, as a rule, has strong families and many children. They celebrate the day of the angel on April 28 and October 28.


If you try to list out rare names aloudboys, it is unlikely that someone will call Severyan. From Latin it is translated as "strict". People with this name are conscious, with a stable psyche and firm convictions. They are calm, do not endure scandals. Fighters for truth and justice, defenders of the weak and disadvantaged. Their whole life is the search for light, truth, beloved woman. Severians are not chasing after big money and a successful career - they have other life priorities. Get married several times. Name day for the Severians September 22.

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