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Useful tips how to teach a child to speak the letter "p"

When a child appears in the family, parents, grandmothersand grandfathers are eagerly waiting for the child to walk and talk. And, of course, the first word spoken is a very joyful event. Even when the kid mumbles wrongly, relatives like it, they are delighted that the child began to talk. But some time passes, and the emotion from the first words spoken is replaced by anxiety due to improper pronunciation. Parents want to find an effective solution, how to teach a child to speak the letter "p". Very many children either do not utter this sound at all, or replace it with g or n. In fact, do not worry and panic, because this letter is absorbed by children in the last place. It happens that the baby begins to speak correctly only in five or six years.

how to teach a child to speak the letter p
In any case, many parents will probably wantlearn how to teach a child to speak the letter "p". Here the best solution is to go with a baby to a speech therapist for a consultation. The doctor not only reveals the cause of the wrong pronunciation, but also helps to correct it. Because of poorly developed breathing or an undeveloped apparatus of articulation, the child uses the larynx to pronounce this sound. It is quite difficult in this case to remove the wrong pronunciation.

how to teach a child to pronounce the letter p
A special set of exercises will help those whowants to learn how to teach a child to speak, the letter "p" - in particular. They are aimed at eliminating the wrong pronunciation. The big toe puts the thumb under the tongue, and then starts moving it, as if trying to get a clock - then one way, then another.

After that, the child smiles, and with the tongue conducts on the upper teeth on the outer and inner sides. At this point, do not move the lower jaw.

Next, proceed to the next exercise. The kid should grip the upper teeth with the tongue so that it bends, and keep this position for ten seconds.

In order to activate the muscles of the tongue, it is useful to smile and stretch the tip of the tongue, to bite it.

how to learn to speak the letter p
Together with the child in the form of play, parents canto make a sound like the clatter of horses' hoofs. Want to learn how to teach a child to speak the letter "p"? Pomurlykayte together with the baby, as does the kitty: "Brrr", while you do not need to strain your teeth.

You can alternate between different letters, similar to the buzzing of a fly or the knock of a woodpecker.

If you turn all these exercises into a game, thenthe child will be interested, which means that it will be possible to perform such exercises often. Now everyone will be able to solve this seemingly difficult task, how to teach a child to pronounce the letter "p".

It is very useful to read tongue twisters, growl and drink milk from a saucer. Daily lessons with the baby - a guarantee that soon the pronunciation will be correct.

Equally effective assistant for solvingactual for many parents the question of how to learn to speak the letter "p" in childhood, will become a reliable assistant - a special logopedic coloring book. Here there are tasks that develop attention and memory, motor skills. All the pictures in this book are associated with the letter "p" - such a complex and difficult to pronounce in childhood. When the little one paints, then he says to himself the names of the depicted objects - this is an excellent training in the pronunciation of this sound.

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