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Learn the secret of how to teach parrots to talk

Every bird lover, acquiring a parrot, dreams that his pet will necessarily talk well.

how to teach parrots to talk
How to teach parrots to talk? It is established that almost any parrot (except for "non-speaking" species) can and should be taught to imitate human speech. Even the parrots of the coral, wild and hot, and many others master simple phrases.

Create the conditions for learning

There is no difference in what kind of bird you have - a female or a male. More important is the nature of the parrot (sociable or shy).

  • Parrots learn faster, being among thetalking people. The most chatty birds live in the homes of pensioners and housewives, who often come home. Do not keep the bird in an isolated room - take it to the kitchen or the living room.
  • The society of other parrots will interfere with the development of human speech, because in the environment bird sounds will prevail.
  • Educate parrots as early as possible. In young years, birds learn much faster. The wavy parrots of the Czechs are able to perceive lessons after a month and a half of life.
    how to teach a parrot to talk
  • Entrust training to one member of the family. Although all the others can help in the process (to come up with phrases and communicate with the bird), but one should be engaged. It may well be a school-age child who will benefit from such pursuits. First, he will learn patience, because parrots do not immediately begin to speak, and, secondly, such an instruction, how to teach parrots to speak, will help the child become more responsible.
  • Although parrots, unlike dogs, do not associate theirsuccesses in conversational speech with delicacies, which they are awarded by people, but they are more willing to learn when they are given personal attention. For example, they hold a ball for play on their hands or roll with them.
  • The following action is very effective: beforethe beginning of the class, for example in the morning, to release the parrot from the cage. This will help him get used to the learning process. Morning and evening are the best time to practice, because during these periods they are most active and noisy.

parrots of Czechs
Tips on how to teach parrots to talk

The training of parrots in colloquial speech, as well as any training, should be approached methodically.

  • Set a goal and start classes, remembering that regularity is the key to rapid success. The time of employment should not exceed 15 minutes is enough.
  • At a time, do not try to train a birdseveral phrases, this will only complicate the process. Much more effective will be the following method: make a list and mark in it those phrases and words that have already been mastered by your pet. Only after this it will be possible to proceed to the next point. Begin with simple tasks - learn short words or a personal name (Gosha, Grusha, Masha). Be especially careful with the words of profanity. If the parrot has memorized such words, it will be impossible to wean it already. The only way out is to prevent them from being heard for a long time. Perhaps he will forget them himself.
  • Knowing how to teach parrots to talk, helpa pet to master first of all consonant sounds. Repeat words and phrases are necessary, after short intervals, loudly and clearly pronouncing with a constant intonation (preferably a higher voice).
  • If the parrot is not in the mood (turns away from you), postpone the studies until the right moment.
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