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Twisted leaves of tomatoes. What to do?

If your leaves suddenly twisted leavestomatoes, which were recently healthy and strong, it indicates that the plant is experiencing discomfort. The first thing you need to understand is what factors could lead to such a result.

Tomato leaves twisted

Possible causes and solutions

1. Usually, tomatoes react to the violation of temperature and humidity. Badly affected by high temperature (above 35 degrees). With this heat, fast disintegration of useful substances occurs. The plant absorbs fewer nutrients at times, and hardly digests them. Fasting of leaves comes, and, as a result, the plant withers, loses leaves and flowers. Because of too frequent and abundant watering, the plant develops a weak root system, which also entails twisting of the leaves.

2. Twisted leaves of tomatoes that grow in greenhouses? In such cases, you need to ventilate the room to create a uniform temperature. Since under the ground a rather low temperature in comparison with a sun-heated surface, the plant begins to ache.

3. Another reason why leaves are folded in tomatoes, can be a defeat with bacterial cancer. To distinguish such disease it is possible on the appeared jazvochkam and cracks on stalks. If the leaves turn yellow, fade and wither, then it can also be the result of the disease.

yellow leaves in a tomato

4. Too much zinc. Useful substances in an unlimited amount can become harmful to such a plant. Signs of the appearance of such a problem consist in coloring the lower part of the leaves in purple and bending the edges.

5. Excess manganese. Many gardeners too often use this fertilizer because of its availability and relative cheapness. In this case, the young leaves shrivel and have a brighter coloration than in a healthy plant.

6. Lack of fertilizers is as harmful as their excess. If the leaves of tomatoes have curled up, then this is a sign of calcium deficiency. Growth slows down, the leaves are deformed, and the fruits are affected by vertex rot. Vertex rot speaks for itself. On the fruit, first appear bright watery spots, which gradually darken. When the fruit ripens, a dead tissue forms under the spot.

7. Phosphoric fasting leads to the coloring of tomato leaves in a gray-green color, and causes and folding leaves.

8. If young leaves suffer the first thing (twist down), then this indicates a lack of copper, boron or sulfur.

9. Aphids or whitefly. If, at a more detailed examination of twisted leaves, you have discovered these pests, then as soon as possible, treat the tomatoes with a special solution.

leaves are folded in a tomato

In any case, all kinds of fertilizers should be used in optimal proportions.

All of the above reasons can be givenA detailed answer to the question of why the leaves of tomatoes were twisted. Pay attention to the signals that the plant gives, try to decipher them correctly, then you will be able to brag of the richest harvest.

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