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The essence of Strategic Management

The essence of strategic managementment is reduced to the disclosure of such importantissues as a characteristic of the current situation of the enterprise and the creation of all conditions for achieving the desired position that would be most attractive to him, after a certain period, as well as determining ways and means to achieve such a position.

In this regard, managers must understand the currentsituation in the enterprise to make decisions about where to move in the future. This requires an information basis that can ensure the process of making decisions of the strategic plan that would correspond to the current situation.

The essence of strategic management is largelyIt is defined by such concept as orientation to the future. In this regard, it is very important for managers to be able to determine the goals to which the enterprise should strive. The implementation of the chosen strategy involves adjusting the two previous steps. In this case, an enormous role is played by available resources, organizational structure of the enterprise, management system, organizational structure, personnel, on which the success of the strategy largely depends.

The essence of the strategicmanagement is to turn to the basic processes that take place at the enterprise, with the utmost attention to the capabilities of the company to build its own strategic capacity.

At the same time, the strategic decisions focus on the future, involveuncertainty and involve the involvement of additional resources. They are designed for long-term and extremely serious consequences. Examples of such solutions can be the reconstruction of the enterprise, the introduction of new products, progressive technologies, a change in the organizational structure, access to foreign markets, merging with other enterprises,

The essence of strategic management reflectssuch characteristics as the innovation nature of its inherent nature, the focus on long-term goals, the existence of a variety of alternatives, subjectivity, irreversibility and long time-bound consequences.

The main idea expressing the essence of the strategicmanagement, is the need to shift the focus of management to the environment in order to allow rapid response to the oncoming changes and challenges to the environment.

The concept and essence of strategic management are expressed through the strategy - the process of making complex strategic decisionsat the highest level of leadership and organizational hierarchy. It is expressed in the definition and establishment of the connection of the enterprise or organization with its immediate environment for the realization of the chosen goal through the rational allocation of resources, which allows to effectively and effectively influence the work of the company and all its departments.

The essence and tasks of management are manifested inmanagement activities in the formulation and subsequent implementation of long-term objectives, maintaining a positive and effective relationship of the enterprise in its environment in accordance with the goals and internal capabilities.

The conceptual apparatus of this type of management has common features with such a concept as "operational management". But it differs from him in principle positions.

Strategic management is one of thethe most important factors of survival of enterprises and firms in a market competition. However, it should be recognized that many organizations today are characterized by a lack of strategies, which in many ways leads to their defeat in the fight against competitors.

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