/ / Personnel policy is the basis for the success of an enterprise

Personnel policy is the basis for the success of an enterprise

In any organization, personnel policy is the pillar on which its normal functioning rests.

personnel policy is
This concept includes rules, methods,principles and methods of working with employees, formalized in the system and formulated in a set of documents. The more conscious the strategy of management, the more it is understood by each member of the collective, the more successfully each employee, and consequently the enterprise as a whole, functions. Personnel policy is not an end in itself. It is designed to ensure timely inflow of labor, its balance in accordance with the ultimate goals of the enterprise, its needs and place in the market. Today there are firms that do not have a documented strategic base. However, the lack of clearly formulated documents does not mean that personnel policy is a non-existent factor. It may not be fully understood by management, wrong or unproductive, but always exists.

The system of personnel policy, its construction

management of personnel policy

Creation of the personnel concept begins with the study oftasks of the enterprise, its needs, potential leadership capabilities as a process, analysis of weaknesses and strengths of the organizational strategy. A competent HR policy is a system that can be built only by taking into account the factors (external and internal) that affect the enterprise. Some of them can be changed by management efforts, others can not be changed. Internal factors:

• The final goals facing the production (organization, etc.).

• Leadership style. Authoritarian, liberal and democratic leadership requires specialists of different classes and levels of training.

• Management style. Centralized or decentralized management implies availability of specialists of different profiles, different levels of training.

• The staff of the organization. It is understood that the effective management of personnel policy depends on the correct evaluation of employees, their capabilities, the competent distribution of production responsibilities.

system of personnel policy

All internal factors can be corrected internallyorganization. The external circumstances of someone to change powerless, so they are particularly important to consider when building human resources management. It is necessary to take into account the following:

• The situation on the market, its trendsdevelopment. The state of education in the country, the direction of its development, the demographic situation, the social characteristics of time dictate its conditions for the establishment of a particular system of personnel policy.

• Constant progress, which requires the inflow of specialists of a higher level or retraining of personnel.

• Legal environment and constantly updated normative acts. The activity of any enterprise in any sphere should absolutely correspond to the legal framework of the state.

The main directions of the personnel policy:

• Staff selection and placement.

• Preparation of a reserve for working specialties and management.

• Evaluation, attestation and development of staff.

Changing policies in the selection of personnel allows you to repeatedly increase the success of the organization.

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