/ What is the organizational structure of the hotel?

What is the organizational structure of the hotel?

Each of us at least once in my life stayedIn a hotel. And then he shared his impressions with friends or relatives, not only about local attractions or about how he spent his holidays, but also about the quality of service and the services provided in this hotel. However, did anyone ask at least the question of how the organizational structure of the hotel is arranged, and how to ensure its smooth functioning? Of course, this is taught (specialty "service and tourism"), but any manager, who somehow encounters this industry, should understand the features of the enterprise.

organizational and managerial structure of the hotel

The organizational structure of the hotel is clearwell-functioning system. Whether it's a small boarding house in the mountains or a large hotel for several thousand rooms - everything should be serviceable, but the life of the guests is provided at the proper level. The organizational structure of the hotel implies not only a hierarchy of management and someone who obeys. This is a comprehensive solution to the issues of purchasing goods, providing services, with numerous components in the form of partners and suppliers, related and associated enterprises. Organizational and management structure of the hotel distributes duties and responsibilities. In large hotels special departments are engaged in special activities: accounting, accounting, supplies, supply, nutrition, maintenance of cleanliness. In small private boarding houses, duties and manager, and a secretary, and an accountant, and often a chef, are performed by one person or one family.

organizational structure of the hotel
Clear organizational structureThe hotel should function as a working clock mechanism. After all, inconsistencies, ambiguities in who and what is responsible for, bad contact or lack of quality information exchange can lead to serious disruptions, claims from customers, and ultimately - loss of guests, ratings and profits. Significant events and incidents must be reported to the head or the head waiter. He coordinates all services in such a way as to prevent failures and malfunctions. The whole organizational structure of the enterprise is based on who owns how much information he has, who and to whom it should transfer, who and to whom he should report. Hotels, hotels, sanatoriums for all their specificity have many similarities. First of all, it is seasonality of business, activity in the sphere of services, complex provision of accommodation for guests. Consequently, the regulations and job descriptions should clearly define the duties of staff and its rights.

organizational structure of the hotel
Some provide the economic part, that isare responsible for furniture, equipment of rooms, sanitary and hygienic means, cleaning and safety of property. Others are engaged in direct administration - booking, solving issues related to registration, documents, interaction with various services. Still others - if such services are implied - guarantee medical and resort services for guests. A commercial or financial unit is responsible for settlements with suppliers, staff and guests. It is this service that should ensure the uninterrupted reception of payments and prevent the delay in paying for the services of third parties so that there are no unforeseen situations or shortages of any items or products. The organizational structure of the hotel has its own characteristics. It's about human relationships: from the quality of contact between staff, the overall atmosphere and service of the guests depends.

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