/ How to whiten your teeth at home?

How to whiten your teeth at home?

Many of us would like to know how to bleachteeth at home. The procedure of teeth whitening is aimed at removing the dark plaque from the use of coffee, tea or nicotine. It does not take a lot of time and money, but as a result will give a beautiful and snow-white smile. Provided the instructions are correctly followed, the effect is not inferior to whitening in an elite dental clinic.

In the dentist's office, as a rule, forwhitening uses a special equipment - a laser. Undoubtedly, it is very effective, but quite expensive. If you take into account that the full course consists of 3 or even 5 procedures, you will have to agree to pay a rather large sum for this. The second point, fundamentally different from home and clinical whitening, is the comfort and convenience of the service. Many customers have a strong dislike for the look and smell of dental instruments and medicines, so the best option for them is teeth whitening at home (patients' reviews confirm the absence of such discomfort with the same procedure within the walls of the house).

Indication to whiten the teeth of the house,is the appearance of small dark spots on the tooth enamel, as well as its complete darkening, which looks rather unaesthetic. They do not affect the health of the teeth, but they infringe on the beauty of the smile.

How to whiten your teeth at home?

An indispensable tool for the initial phaseHome whitening is a special toothpaste containing small abrasive materials. But with a large selection of such a paste in our market, all its types are only able to remove the surface coating and do not cope with the darkening of the enamel. Another effect can be achieved by using the paste together with other bleaching techniques.

Practice shows that if you know exactly how towhiten your teeth at home, the process itself does not cause any complications, and at the same time it is absolutely affordable for many. The main thing is not to bend the stick and not to damage the enamel. Therefore, having decided to conduct a procedure for whitening at home, it is necessary to use a proven and proven method.

Home whitening agents for tooth enamel

Nowadays in specialized stores,pharmacies have the most effective means for home whitening recommended by specialists. This is a large assortment of toothpastes, gels, whitening cap. The quality of these products is approved by the leaders in the field of dental products.

The proposed funds correspond to the following items of the guarantee:

  • achieving the maximum lasting effect;
  • complete exclusion of traumatization of gums and teeth;
  • saturation of enamel with fluoride;
  • the establishment of protection against staining;
  • scaling
  • removal of plaque;
  • prevention of dental diseases.

All proposed drugs, funds arebranded. The distinguishing feature of each is an impeccable quality, consistent effectiveness and ease of use. The selection and use of whitening pastes, creams, gels, liquids guarantees an excellent result. However, all means for bleaching differ in the degree of activity. Therefore, when choosing a particular drug should be based on the level of intensity of darkening enamel. The best option is guaranteed in any case.

Teeth whitening at home isdental procedure, carrying a cosmetic meaning. Therefore, if there are any difficulties in the matter of how to whiten your teeth at home or in choosing a particular remedy, or if you need additional information, there is always the opportunity to consult a knowledgeable specialist. He is always ready to give detailed recommendations regarding any presented means, the result of which will not be long in coming. And after several procedures the smile will again become snow-white.

Folk remedies for teeth whitening at home

The use of baking soda is an excellent optionhome teeth whitening. You can make either soda concentrate (1/2 cup of boiled water 2 teaspoons of soda powder), which you need to brush your teeth with a toothbrush, or use the long-proven method - apply the soda powder directly to the toothpaste during the morning brushing of teeth. This method of bleaching tooth enamel can not be abused (maximum - once a week), because soda can destroy it.

Also, in order to whiten your teeth at home, you cantake advantage of hydrogen peroxide. To do this, teeth that have just been cleaned with toothpaste should be gently wiped with a cotton swab dipped in peroxide solution. After the oral cavity should be thoroughly rinsed with water, as peroxide destroys the tooth enamel.

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