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White teeth: how to become their owner?

White teeth are a kind of attributebeauty and health. Unfortunately, not everyone can boast of such a treasure. And in this case, most people begin to resort to the help of both dentists and folk healers.

But in fact, very much depends onindividual characteristics of the human body. After all, not everyone has a naturally white teeth - some have a color of yellowish, beige or dark gray. In addition, the color and condition of the teeth affects our diet, habits and methods of oral care.

White teeth with the methods of modern dentistry. To date, there are several ways of professional teeth whitening, which are used in dental practice.

  • Chemical whitening - this procedure is carried out using perhydrol, which removes water from the layers of tooth enamel. After the procedure, the teeth are thoroughly processed with fluoride.
  • Photobleaching - for teeth whitening hereA special lamp is used, the light of which activates those polymers of tooth enamel that reflect light. As a rule, after such a procedure, the teeth become lighter by about 5 to 10 shades.
  • Laser whitening is a rather popular way of clarifying enamel with the help of a laser beam.

Despite the apparent ease, the processTeeth whitening is a very important and complex procedure, involving a risk. For example, before you register for whitening, you need to consult a doctor. The fact that it can be carried out only on completely healthy teeth without caries and other diseases. There is a weight here and features of tooth enamel.

In addition, do not expect that after the procedure the teeth will become snow-white - everything depends on their natural color.

White teeth at home. Perhaps not everyone can affordundergo professional bleaching. First, bleaching enamel is a big risk, and secondly, such a reconstruction requires money.

That is why more people are turning tohelp to traditional medicine. But before we consider them, I would like to draw attention to some features. Whitening enamel at home is a long process that requires regularity. In addition, using such recommendations, you can make a smile just a little lighter.

  • Very good whitening effect possesseslemon juice. It can be added to rinse mouth water. You can also rub your teeth with a fruit rind. If desired, you can use the essential oil instead of fresh juice.
  • The following method is very popular. Take a small amount of your toothpaste, add a few drops of lemon juice and a little salt. The mixture should be cleaned twice a week. It is desirable to prepare such a preparation immediately before cleaning the teeth.
  • In order to clarify the enamel, also usevarious abrasive tools. The most popular is soda. Apply a small amount of soda to the brush and treat the teeth. But be careful - this procedure can cause bleeding from the gums, so it is recommended to do it no more than once a week.
  • You can treat the teeth with a tablet of ordinary activated carbon.

In order to become the owner of the blindingsmile, it is not enough to know how to make teeth white at home. After any bleaching procedure, they need correct and regular care. For example, brush your teeth at least twice a day. After eating, rinse your mouth with clean water. Use dental floss or toothpicks to remove food debris from the interdental space. Refuse wine, coffee, tea and other drinks, as they paint over the enamel - you can drink them through a tube. And remember that nicotine and white teeth are things that are almost incompatible.

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