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Stink legs - how to remove the smell?

Almost every man facesthe problem of unpleasant odor from the feet. Of course, they can tolerate it themselves, but colleagues, and even wives, this gives discomfort. Why do feet stink and what to do about it?

To begin with it is necessary to find out why the legs in generalsometimes produce a disgusting smell. The fact is that the feet perform daily hard work, sustaining the human body. From great stress, the feet begin to sweat, especially if the person is wearing socks and shoes. Darkness, heat and sweat are an excellent environment for the life of microorganisms, which are the cause of an unpleasant smell. Therefore, if you strongly stink your feet, you need to get rid of sweating, and not to remove the smell.

Poor hygiene

Smell your legs
The first reason for the smell is a violation of the ruleshygiene. At any time of the year, and especially in the summer, it is necessary to conduct water foot procedures daily, in the morning and before going to bed. Going to bed with dirty feet is absolutely impossible, this will further exacerbate the situation. It is also necessary to regularly wash socks and wash shoes. In dirty socks and shoes, microbes accumulate, which, with the next toe, will again act on the feet of a person.

Ingrown nail

Growth of nails leads to disruptionblood circulation in the feet. If you stink your feet, you need to carefully inspect your fingers. Having an ingrown nail sometimes requires the help of a surgeon. To prevent this, you should regularly do a pedicure and wear loose shoes.

Low-quality shoes and socks

Lacquer shoes absolutely do not allow the skin of your feet to breathe. Due to this, the legs inside

Strongly stink feet
such shoes sweat more. The same applies to synthetic socks. To eliminate excessive sweating of the feet, you need to buy shoes made of genuine leather, and socks made of cotton. If and after that stink feet, then the problem can be associated with diseases of the body.

Kidney problems

Violation of the functionality of the kidneys often leadsto swelling and sweating in the legs. To determine whether there are diseases of this kind, you need to look at your lower extremities. When there is swelling or swelling in the evening, it is worthwhile to contact a urologist.

Problems with the cardiac system

A similar situation is observed with cardiacdiseases. Only edema does not subside in the morning, as in kidney disease, but have a permanent character. Stink legs in this case because of too active or, conversely, slowed heart activity, due to which the sweating increases.


Many believe that the cause of the odor from the feetis a fungus. But it appears after the beginning of the active life of microorganisms. A man does not wash his feet, does not follow hygiene, walks for a long time in one socks. Due to this, the fungus begins to spread all over the foot, causing an even stronger and

To keep my feet from stinking
unpleasant odor.

To the feet do not stink, it is recommended to passcomprehensive examination for the presence of diseases. In cases where a man is healthy, he should buy special antiseptics, which are effective to reduce sweating. Only in no case it is impossible to apply them, and the more so different colognes, on the feet just before leaving the house. The effect will be the opposite - legs will sweat even more, and the unpleasant smell will only increase.

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