/ / Obstructive bronchitis: symptoms and treatment, causes of the disease

Obstructive bronchitis: symptoms and treatment, causes of the disease

Obstructive bronchitis, symptoms and treatmentwhich will be announced in this material, is a sudden spasm of small and medium bronchi, which occurs under the influence of many factors. These include, for example, infectious diseases, viruses, bacteria, as well as allergens that are important in the development of this ailment, as in the case of bronchial asthma.

obstructive bronchitis symptoms and treatment

To correctly diagnose thisit is necessary to perform an X-ray examination of the lungs. Using a snapshot, one can determine the presence of a disease or differentiate pneumonia from bronchitis, and also reveal the stage of bronchial blockage.

In order to diagnose "obstructivebronchitis, "the symptoms and treatment of which are well known to competent specialists in the field of therapy and pulmonology, it is necessary to conduct additional types of diagnosis. This indicator is indicated by the following indicators:

  • an increase in the number of leukocytes in the blood (other changes in its composition are possible);
  • external signs of the disease, such as fever, chills, sweating, coughing;
  • ineffectiveness of the current treatment;
  • spirometry data.

This pathology in children is often determined when a prolonged wheezing and whistling, as well as participation in the breathing of additional muscles, is observed.

Causes of the disease

Obstructive bronchitis, symptoms and treatmentwhich are known and rarely cause doubts, is a consequence of long and frequent ARI, colds, etc. Especially often this pathology is overtaken by heavy smokers, it can be said that in this case such an outcome is inevitable. In addition, professional factors and a polluted environment play an important role. You can not discount the heredity.

Obstructive bronchitis: symptoms and treatment

treatment of obstructive bronchitis in adults

Cough is an important sign of the disease, it canbe dry, with wheezing, or wet. And it can be so strong that it's easy not to give rest to the patient either day or night. For each type different means are prescribed or combined therapy is used.

Shortness of breath - this sign also actively signals the presence in the lungs of a pathological process called obstruction. It occurs at the slightest physical exertion.

High body temperature - characterized by acuteperiod, requires the intake of antipyretics. When the pathological process changes into a chronic form, the body's immune defense decreases, but the fever does not bother.

Rapid fatigue - this symptom is also inherent in the disease, as a rule, the patient gets tired even after a minor load.

Treatment of obstructive bronchitis in adults shouldbegin with quitting smoking, including passive, or eliminating other provocative factors. I must say that the disease at this age is often irreversible, so you need to maximally improve your life and try not to abuse harmful habits. Therapeutic physical training, massages and physical therapy are some of the best assistants in maintaining the general condition of the patient.

obstructive bronchitis

Antibiotic therapy is required in cases of exacerbation, hospitalization is indicated in particularly difficult situations and at the risk of bronchospasm. In other respects, the treatment is symptomatic.

A warning

Obstructive bronchitis, the causes of which are noware well known and understandable, - the disease is insidious, proceeding until the last is asymptomatic. That's why think about quitting smoking and changing your vitality for the better now!

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