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Treatment of cardiac arrhythmia according to prescriptions of doctors and folk remedies

What is an arrhythmia? This medical term means a violation of the rhythm of contraction of the cardiac parts, which lose their constant speed and the heart starts to beat unevenly: it is too fast, then much slower than normal body activity requires. this disease, unfortunately, is the cause of many untimely deaths. Every year, 10 to 15 percent of the population is dying from arrhythmia, such are unbiased statistics. What are the signs of cardiac arrhythmia and how to treat cardiac arrhythmia? This will be discussed in this article.

This disease is acquired by people with increasednervousness, those who are in emotional stress. Very rarely arrhythmia is set as a separate diagnosis. More often it is a symptom of other concomitant diseases.

The signs of arrhythmia of the heart are as follows: 1) this unpleasant sensation of cardiac arrest or, conversely, too rapid heartbeat; 2) causeless shortness of breath; 3) pain and discomfort in the heart; 4) weakness and rapid fatigue. In the case when at least one of the symptoms, as you think, you are present, then it is necessary to consult a doctor who will prescribe a timely treatment of cardiac arrhythmia. It is from the timeliness that the elimination of seizures depends, which can lead to tragic consequences.

If you are concerned about how to treatarrhythmia of the heart, then without consulting a specialist doctor, you can not get by. Self-medication is detrimental to the body. in order to completely cure the arrhythmia of the heart in modern medicine, there are two methods - medical and surgical.

Medical treatment of cardiac arrhythmia is conductedthree groups of medicines, since the arrhythmia itself is divided into as many subspecies. Atrial arrhythmias are used verapamil, adenosine and digoxin. When ventricular arrhythmias are prescribed dizpiramid, lidocaine and mexiletine. And with the combination of both wold arrhythmia, doctors prescribe quinidine, amiodarone, flecainide, and propafenone.

So that you do not think about whatthis or that treatment of arrhythmia of the heart is needed for the cardiac muscles. This function is successfully performed by biologically active additives. If you use chitosan, biozinc and cordyceps correctly, then you will definitely avoid arrhythmia.

Treatment of cardiac arrhythmia and its preventionit is possible and folk remedies. So, if you notice one of the signs of a violation of the heartbeat, then prepare yourself a "tasty medicine", which consists of half a kilogram of lemons rubbed directly with the skin and mixed with the same amount of honey. In this mixture, after it is well mixed, add exactly 20 pieces of finely ground apricot kernels. If, along with a three-time use of 1 tablespoon of this goodness, eat 3 prickly pears each day prunes, then the arrhythmia will not be terrible for you. This recipe is good for those who have a rapid heart beat.

And in order to speed up the work of cardiacmuscle, which is responsible for the bloodstream in the human body, there is such a recipe for folk remedies. Take the herb of linseed and vodka in a ratio of 2 x 8 and infused for three weeks. Tincture is used for 30-40 drops per day for about three weeks, not only with arrhythmias, but also at elevated blood pressure.

It helps with arrhythmia of lemon balm, which inpeople are called lemon mint. It is dried and for one drink only 1 tablespoon of dry fragrant grass is used, boiled with a glass of boiling water. After half an hour the tincture is ready. You should drink it half a cup three times a day. This folk remedy is very effective, however, it will not be possible to take it by storm. The fact is that this method of treatment is prolonged.

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