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Symptom Ortner-Grekov: diagnosis of cholecystitis

Ortner symptom
Symptom Ortner-Grekov manifested in diseases,which are associated with the liver or biliary tract. Most often it is observed in acute cholecystitis. Characterized by a symptom of some soreness on the right side, with a slight tapping of the palm to the right on the costal arch. It is mandatory to perform fretting on both sides in order to compare and determine with accuracy the symptom Ortner-Grekov. The pain arises from the fact that the doctor produces a slight concussion of the inflamed gallbladder. Under normal conditions, patients sometimes can not feel the pain, feeling only a certain weight on the right side under the ribs.

Acute cholecystitis

Acute cholecystitis, according to statisticaldata, is diagnosed in 18% of patients who have acute surgical diseases of the abdominal cavity. In women, the probability of its occurrence is three times higher. The reasons for this disease are quite numerous, as well as the chance to experience the full symptom of Ortner-Grekov. These include:

  • hypertension in the biliary tract;
  • the infection in them is the same;
  • changes in the vessels of the biliary tract;
  • violation of diet;
  • cholelithiasis;
  • decrease in nonspecific resistance of the organism;
    Greek Ortner symptom
  • stomach diseases, which can be accompanied by discoloration;
  • morphological problems (for example, with the liver - the development of hyperbilirubenemia).

Almost 90% of cases of exacerbation of the disease more oftenall is the result of complications of cholelithiasis. 100% of the dietary factor (diet) is the trigger. To such a disease can lead to fatty and spicy food, allergens. All this develops a spasm, which determines the symptom of Ortner-Grekov. But the diagnosis should be done only by a doctor.

Diseases that cause cholecystitis

We have already examined the problems with cholelithicdisease and diet. It is worth talking about some other diseases that lead to problems with the gallbladder. So, for example, gastritis, which may be accompanied by a decrease in the production of gastric juice and in particular - hydrochloric acid, also sometimes leads to the fact that during the diagnostic activities a positive symptom of Grekov-Ortner is detected, which sometimes leads to incorrect diagnosis.

positive ortner symptom
Definition of the disease and its degree

The stage of development of the disease depends moreleast of all, what changes occurred in the gallbladder, how much the process was started, whether complications were manifested. In the case of the appearance of the latter, not only the positive symptom of Ortner-Grekov is characteristic, but also the irradiation of pain in the shoulder, scapula, supraclavicular region.

Other symptoms

Among the concomitant symptoms of acute cholecystitisthere is nausea, vomiting with the presence of bile, bitterness in the mouth, dull pain syndrome at the initial stage and its progression with the development of the disease. Body temperature can rise to 38 degrees with the presence of chills. There is an increase in the pulse, in some cases there is a tachycardia. Also jaundice can appear. The tongue becomes dry and covered. All treatment should be appointed by a doctor. Running cholecystitis can cause concomitant diseases with the subsequent failure of the affected organs.

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