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Choose the most powerful and convenient tablet for games

Recently, the object of general attention loverssmartphones and tablet computers were the world's leading manufacturers for the championship in the niche of new, high-performance processors. The public was met with new processors from Qualcomm, Nvidia, Samsung and other companies. The increase in operating frequencies and the number of cores seemed to provide a huge number of new functions to the devices. So it was until recently, but what is the situation now? The bulk of users understand that the further increase in the number of cores does not change much. Almost all the functions that we need are available in modern devices. All this is necessary only for gamers, since modern games for the tablet are becoming more demanding of resources.

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At the moment, one of the most high-quality and powerful tablets are Google Nexus 7 and Nexus 10. Choose one, the best tablet for games is impossible, because it all depends on the desire of the buyer.

Both devices are part of the Nexus line, therefore,no matter which device you purchase, OS updates will always go on time to your tablet. For games, this is especially true, because often new games are launched only on the latest version of Android. So, let's start a brief overview of the devices.

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Google Nexus 7 produces Taiwanese companyAsus, so you should not doubt the quality of the product. The device is equipped with a platform Nvidia Tegra 3. It includes, in addition to small components, a quad-core chipset operating at a frequency of up to 1.3 GHz, and a 12-core video accelerator NVIDIA GeForce ULP. This platform was originally conceived as entertaining. There is even a separate online store, in which games are sold, exclusively for this platform. Therefore, there is no doubt that this tablet for games will have to all gamers to taste. The operating memory is 1 GB and the internal memory is 8.16 or 32, depending on the version. The screen has a diagonal of 7 inches and an extension of 1280x800 pixels. Recommend this device to those who want to get the maximum portability and performance from their tablet.

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Google Nexus 10 is manufactured by Samsung,which today is the leader in sales of smartphones on Android. This model slightly bypasses the above-described gadget for "stuffing". The processor is dual-core, with a maximum frequency of 1.7 GHz. For the graphics meets the video accelerator Mali T604. RAM 2 GB, built-in 16 or 32. The screen is 10-inch, the resolution is huge, it is as much as 2560 × 1600 pixels. It is thanks to the splendid screen and the most modern filling at the moment, this tablet for games is the best. The reservation is only one, the size of the tablet 264 × 178 × 8.9 mm, which is a lot, portability may suffer.

So which one to choose a tablet? For games fit the two above, which one is it? If you are not embarrassed by the dimensions, safely take the device from Samsung. It is more powerful and has a better display, on which not only any game, but also watching movies will become unforgettable. However, if you are interested in maximum portability and are interested in a lower price, pay attention to Nexus 7.0. It should be noted that this device costs only about 300 dollars (10 thousand rubles), 550 dollars (18 thousand rubles) will have to give, in case you are inclined to the Samsung gadget.

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