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Tablet Scanners: Models and Uses

Tablet scanners are designed for purelyhome use. Such a device was created for the solution of two paramount first - scanning of text documents with recognition, and the second - digitization of photographs and other images. Many mid-range models are equipped with a slide module that allows you to scan all transparent originals; often this is negative and positive photographic film.

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If you want to enter a textdocument, then there is not enough scanner: you need a special program for text recognition, which will be able to save all the data received into a single text file of the format you need. It should be noted that one of the priority recognition programs is rightly considered FineReader of the Russian company ABBYY. Many flatbed scanners sold in the CIS countries are equipped with a "light" version of the FineReader Sprint program. However, some manufacturers equip them with foreign programs, which, to put it mildly, is very far from the possibilities of FineReader.

The next task is more difficult. For an excellent digitization of color photography, a matrix, high-quality optics and mechanics are needed; in addition, a lot depends on the driver that have tablet scanners. It's good that its modern types have a well-developed graphical user interface that allows you to exclude and fix individual defects of the original image, including a highly visible raster, excessive or insufficient brightness, gamma color distortions during scanning.

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Many tablet scanners are equipped with the mostsimple graphic editors that are designed to handle any images and in some cases - even to create photo albums. Fans of painting or graphically changing photos will have to get acquainted with more powerful packages such as AdobePhotoshop or Gimp.

As for the price range, then, for example,a good Epson A4 tablet scanner will cost between 100 and 150 conventional units. Models priced from $ 150 to $ 250 are required to satisfy even the most demanding users. Products cheaper than a hundred dollars can be taken only as a budget option, because the graphics tablet, such scanners are not particularly friendly.

flatbed scanner a3

It is also worth mentioning that the largeA3 models are also popular. Such a device can scan at one-sided mode per minute up to 60 pages or 30 in a two-sided. A3 flatbed scanner is designed specifically for processing more widely format and long documents. Yes, and this device is often an essential unit in the office interior. It is an excellent tool for health, financial, legal, insurance and banking organizations. Today, many companies need strong tools to translate various documents into electronic form. But customers are also interested in reducing the time and money spent on processing all documents, and it is the A3 scanner that is ready to solve these problems.

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