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Phone Elephone G7: reviews of the owners

Chinese mobile devices managed to catch upthe electronics market around the world. Even in the US, you can find a lot of cheap and, admittedly, quite high-quality phones and tablets presented by Chinese brands, not to mention the less affluent countries. Yes, many of these phones are manufactured in a case that copies the design of other models released by Samsung, HTC, Sony or Apple. Despite this, the quality of the devices can be called good, given that their cost is really much lower.

Today's material will be devoted to one of thesuch phones - Elephone G7. Customer feedback, as well as the official specifications of the device will be given in this article in order to learn more about it.

Company Elephone

We will begin our small survey, perhaps with a generalcharacteristics of the manufacturer, which introduced this model. About a brand such as Elephone, most of us probably did not even hear. Although if you spend a little time searching information on the Internet, you can find a lot of sites that speak about these devices in Chinese. On this basis, we can conclude that at home these gadgets are pretty well known.

Elephone G7 reviews

Guessings are confirmed when we go toa page of some major online auction from China, for example, on Aliexpress. Here you can really find offers from several hundred suppliers, from which you can buy one of the Elephone models. What is remarkable is the close similarity of the appearance of the phone to some of the flagship models of previous generations from Samsung and other top companies. For example, the device to which this review is devoted is similar to Galaxy Note 4. Obviously, the company's designers did not bother too much about developing something original.

Smartphone Elephone G7

The model we are talking about today is typicalbudget Chinese device, made in a style copied from another flagship device. Like many similar devices, the G7 has a fairly serious technical equipment, which, however, is not so noticeable in the direct operation of the device. The phone is presented, like many of its "colleagues" - smartphones-copies from China - on the Android operating system. To ensure the versatility of the model is equipped with support for two SIM cards.

Elephone G7 gold reviews


Our characteristics we will begin with the main -outer shell of the phone, its body. As for the Elephone G7 reviews of many buyers attest, the device is made in an elegant style, which is provided by a thin body consisting of metal and plastic inserts. Due to this, the phone looks stylish enough, and in the hand it sits securely. Although this effect of elegance is very quickly destroyed after the device falls into the hands - on its plastic back panel still remain strongly visible traces of fingers. On the model Elephone G7 reviews of owners note that by buying such a smartphone, you will need to take care of either covering it with a protective film, or about being able to erase unattractive tracks with a napkin.

Although, as for the film, it is in the basiccomplete and glued to the screen Elephone G7. Reviews say that its quality is such that first of all most buyers are forced to get rid of it.

The metal plate is applied along the circumference of the phone - it reliably protects against vertical falls.

Elephone G7 mtk6592 reviews


At phone Elephone G7, responses about which wewe will give a little further on the text, 5.5-inch display, functioning on the technology of IPS. As noted in the professional reviews on the model, taking into account the resolution of 1280 by 720 pixels, in the general picture on the screen you can consider the granularity of each pixel only after a long scrutiny.

For more practical use on the ElephoneG7 black (user reviews confirm this) a protective glass is installed. Therefore, we can say that the display of the phone fully justifies the cost of the entire device.

Generally the size of the phone screen of the Elephone G7 (5.5) reviews are called ideal. This is not too big and cumbersome "tablet", but not a 4-inch "kid", working with a sensor which would be a problem for most owners.

original Elephone G7 mtk6592 octa reviews


Typical for this class of devices is therear camera with a resolution of 13 megapixels and frontal - at 8. At the program level, the phone has automatic focus on objects, as well as the possibility of partial recognition of faces. For photography in low light conditions, a LED flash is installed on the device's camera. In addition, the device supports various options for photo and video shooting, in particular, panorama mode, the possibility of applying special visual effects, electronic stabilization, and the like.

In general, based on what is written aboutElephone G7 (Gold) reviews, the quality of the pictures comes out on an average level. With the color reproduction of the Chinese smartphone, everything is fine, but the detailing and rendering of the lines in the images turns out to be somewhat distorted. If we take into account the price of the device, we can easily put a solid "four".


In the name of the phone we are consideringtoday, you can find the processor model specification - Elephone G7 MTK6592 Octa. Reviews show that the speed of its work can be called satisfactory - not the most powerful in the market, but it is strong enough to launch even "heavy" graphics applications. It's worth emphasizing that when working with complex programs, the phone's temperature starts to rise, but even so it's easy to keep hands on the device.

All 8 cores of the smartphone interact seamlessly. As the various tests show, and also about the Elephone G7 MTK6592 reviews of ordinary users, the delay of updating frames, hangs and any other visual distortions due to lack of power on the phone is not noticed.

Elephone G7 owner reviews

operating system

As already noted above, the apparatusinstalled a classic version - Android 4.4.2. At the same time, having the ability to change the initial configuration of applications with which the phone is going, the manufacturer for some reason removed the programs from Google. Due to this, the original Elephone G7 MTK6592 Octa (reviews can confirm this) seems empty (in terms of programs).

Another company Elephone can please yourbuyer with new icons for standard programs. In all other respects, the graphical interface of the site on which the G7 operates is no different from other androids.

Additional functions

Budget Chinese model smartphone is capable ofto please with a set of additional functions. In addition to those we are used to (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, a variety of light sensors, approaching the device to the face), there is also the option of voice dialing and gesture control. The last in the main settings of the model is devoted to a whole section.

elephone g 7 55 reviews

Also Elephone G7 Gold, reviews mentionthis, has a module A-GPS and good multimedia tools. The manufacturer has its own audio and video players. Their work, of course, is difficult to call excellent - the most popular players for today with Google Play will for sure seem to the average user more convenient. However, if you compare these products with what Google offers, such an initiative can be noted on the positive side.

In the same paragraph of the article, let us recalladvantage of the model as a powerful battery. Despite the size, a battery with a capacity of 2650 mAh is installed on the G7. With it, the device confidently keeps in working condition for one and a half days with active use.


You can find a lot of information about howimmediately after the purchase behaves in practice Elephone G7. Reviews about the phone are mostly positive - users praise the device's price, its appearance, powerful processor, camera and performance in general. Still mention the battery, colorful display, the ability to expand memory due to microSD.

True, not without negativecharacteristics. Many buyers complain about the poor performance of the "native" charger. As the phone is put on charge, its screen starts to perform some kind of independent actions - randomly order certain display areas, open applications, print text. This is a serious inconvenience and excludes the possibility of working with the phone while it is in a state connected to the network. The solution to the problem is simple - you need to replace the cord and adapter for charging with any other universal kit. However, the very fact of having such a problem is not encouraging.

The second point is the assembly. On some models, the display glass is glued to the body not tight enough - in such a way that there is a small gap between it and the phone itself. Since this can cause fatal moisture or dust, it is clearly necessary to put a serious minus for such a defect.

The third thing that the customers of the model complained about most often is the sound. Neither the standard headset nor the external speaker can provide high-quality sound transmission. This fact should be simply accepted as it is.

Elephone G7 reviews about the phone


The price of the phone varies,where to make his purchase. For some reason, on the vaunted Chinese platforms, where, in theory, the phone should be cheaper, it costs all 10-12 thousand rubles (depending on which seller to buy). The advantage of working with Chinese shops is, firstly, free mail delivery, and secondly - the opportunity to add additional accessories for the phone at a discounted price from the same seller. However, the main minus of delivery from such stores is the time limit. About 3-4 weeks will have to wait until the G7 model is in your hands.

In Moscow, the device can be found cheaper - for 8200rubles. True, the largest retail networks smartphone Elephone G7 (reviews it also emphasize) do not offer - you can order them in online electronics stores. Delivery in this case is carried out by courier or mail. In rare cases, such outlets have offices where you can pick up the phone in person.

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