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Philips FC 9174 vacuum cleaner: description, specs, reviews

Manufacturers of modern vacuum cleaners offerall new technological solutions that facilitate the cleaning process. Radical changes in the segment introduced the concept of bezmeshkovyh vacuum cleaners, which are supplied with aquafilter. At the same time, classical models do not lose popularity either. This class also represents the apparatus Philips FC 9174, endowed with traditional design and high power. Despite belonging to the family of models with a typical form factor, this version received many original technologies.

General information about the model

The company "Philips" in this case made a beton a combination of performance and functionality. The unit turned out to be quite massive, so it is difficult to attribute it to successful creations from the point of view of ergonomics. In the basic modification, the vacuum cleaner with a dust collector Philips FC 9174/01 is supplied with a wide range of modern cleaning tools. The basis of this kit is a turbo brush, which successfully copes with dust and hair. Actually, thanks to the high absorption capacity, there are practically no problems with the quality of cleaning.

philips fc 9174

Understanding the weaknesses of all powerful vacuum cleaners,The manufacturer aspired to eliminate as much as possible their influence on the operational process. In particular, the noise insulation was well implemented, although there is no question of comparing it with compact versions up to 1,500 W. The physical control of the Philips FC 9174 body is facilitated by convenient handles in the design and rubber wheels. These additions allow you to easily handle the machine, whose weight is more than 6 kg.


If small, low-power vacuum cleaners attractconsumer with its maneuverability and compact dimensions, the variants from the top link benefit from the power potential. It can not be said that this model demonstrates out-of-date performance indicators, but a competently implemented design with functional bodies allows optimal use of the implemented potential.

vacuum cleaner philips fc 9174

So, the technical characteristics of the Philips FC 9174 look like this:

  • The strength of the air flow is 47 l / s.
  • The input power level is 2 200 W.
  • Sound insulation - 78 dB.
  • The suction power potential is 500W.
  • The vacuum pressure is 34 kPa.
  • The capacity of the dust collector is 4 liters.
  • The weight of the vacuum cleaner is 6.3 kg.
  • Radius of cleaning - 10 m.
  • The length of the cable is 7 m.

Features of the vacuum cleaner

The model is a classical solutionvacuum cleaner with a separate dust collector. At the same time, the developers provided the device with technological and productive nozzles from the TriActive family. To the differences of this device can be attributed a three-fold action in the cleaning process. In particular, the Philips FC 9174 vacuum cleaner can simultaneously capture large debris through a large front hole, perform the assembly of dirt and dust in hard-to-reach places, and clean the furniture surfaces.

the vacuum cleaner philips fc 9174

This means that during cleaning, the user does notit is necessary to change the nozzles depending on the specific working conditions - TriActive devices allow you to cope with almost all the tasks of household cleaning. Also, the vacuum cleaner is highly environmentally friendly and sanitary-hygienic effect. In addition to getting rid of dust and debris, it provides an easy cleaning of the air, eliminating allergens.

Accessories for model Philips FC 9174

The model is completed with dust collectors andSpecial filters, thanks to which, in many ways, it is possible to achieve high harvesting rates. S-bag bags have a high-strength structure and can accommodate up to 4 liters. Actually, this accessory also caused considerable dimensions of the device, thanks to which the operator can work longer without changing the dust collector. In addition, the Philips FC 9174 vacuum cleaner is supplied with filters of the HEPA AirSeal system. This function of cleaning the air in the room is realized precisely due to these filters. The system absorbs air, subjecting it to processing, and then releases without the slightest particles of dust.

philips fc 9174 reviews

HEPA filters have different modifications, so for each case it is worth using an element with the appropriate characteristics.

Positive feedback about the model

Owners emphasize high efficiencycleaning in virtually all modes. The suction capacity of increased power provides disposal of dust and debris in a few moments. We also note the reliability of the case with the components. The combination of plastic and metal components, as the users note, was successfully executed from the design point of view. In general, many emphasize the stylistic merits of the Philips FC 9174 vacuum cleaner.

Feedback on ease of use toomeet, but not so often. In this regard, we can mention a fairly large radius of action and a good layout of the working organs. It should be noted that the developers were able to neutralize many of the drawbacks inherent in traditional models with dust collectors. This, in the first place, refers to a well-thought-out filtration system, which not only delays accumulated rubbish, but also provides passive air cleaning in the room.

Negative feedback

Most of the negative feedback is addressedergonomics. This is understandable, since the unit with a capacity of 2,200 W and with a 4-liter dust collector simply can not cause inconvenience in operation because of its size.

vacuum cleaner philips fc 9174 reviews

I must say that this model is not yet the largestfrom representatives of a high-power segment. But there are disadvantages in the form of problems with the motor. If immediately after the cleaning the Philips FC 9174 vacuum cleaner is no longer turned on, it is more likely to be a consequence of overheating. It is the repeated refusal of work most often associated with such phenomena. But this occurs only after working with large areas for a long time.


Recent years in the segment of household appliancesthere is a tendency to abandon habitual and obsolete concepts. But far from always replacing traditional solutions with modern ones yields good results. At least, the efficiency of the classical design of the bag vacuum cleaner is confirmed by the apparatus Philips FC 9174. The reviews indicate that it is able to compete with the best representatives of models with water filters. This also applies to power metrics, and to functionality with flexibility of harvesting.

vacuum cleaner with dust collector philips fc 9174 01

It is not so clear a comparison in partsanitary and hygienic merits. Of course, the introduction of modern HEPA filters increases the level of bacteriological protection, but competitive lines are constantly developing in this direction. Moreover, it was in vacuum cleaners with aquafilter that the manufacturer of Philips borrowed air purification means, combining them with traditional dust collectors. As a result, we got a hybrid, in which the old technologies were preserved, and modern developments were successfully realized.

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