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Mobile phone "Siemens A35"

Budget mobile phones A35 and A36were produced by the famous company Siemens. At that time, she wanted to gain a foothold in the market for inexpensive mobile devices, the price of which does not reach a hundred dollars. In fact, the two models cited are virtually indistinguishable in terms of external characteristics and functionality. Dimensions and weight of Siemens A35 are identical to the next version - Siemens A36. Today we decided to give an overview of these budget phone models and hope that you will be interested to know about all their parameters.


Siemens A35
It is worth mentioning that the phone "SiemensA35 "is presented in two variants, or rather, the camera operator and officially put on sale in our country. They are almost identical, and the only difference is the presence of an additional logo of the mobile company. Initially, only one version of the design was delivered to our country, or rather, it was possible to purchase only a dark blue phone, but after a while there were several color solutions.


Siemens a35 photos
Currently, most likely, a new phoneThis model will not be able to be purchased, but previously it was provided to customers in a standard white box, on which there are absolutely no inscriptions or identification marks. The Siemens A35: battery and charger. It looks rather strange that the manufacturers did not provide any instructions for the user. If you pay attention to the charger, you can immediately understand that to connect it to the outlet you will need to use a special adapter. Benefit it is provided by the manufacturer, and you do not need to buy it extra.


Siemens a35 year of manufacture
Charging a Siemens A35 mobile phone lasts foran average of about one and a half hours. The battery in this device is very large, but its capacity is only 600 mAh. If you pay attention to the appearance of the battery, you can immediately understand that it is somewhat similar to the one used in the earlier model - the Siemens C25. The difference between them is only in the attached plastic cantilever, and the fastening is carried out to the large body of the device.

SIM card

Siemens a35 battery
If you believe the manufacturer's data, the time of workthis mobile device in standby mode can be from sixty to one hundred and fifty hours, and in the talk mode - from ninety to two hundred forty minutes. In fact, when you use this phone, you'll notice that its capabilities are slightly smaller. Since the communicator in the standby mode can be no more than four days, if at the same time you make calls every day for up to fifteen minutes. If you have a desire to purchase a really cheap mobile device, actively communicate, then the model will suit you in all parameters. As for the overall impression of the Siemens A35, the photos tell us that the device uses a special SIM-holder. It is also used in all other models of the series. In our case, the holder is made in red tones. If you need to install a new SIM card, you first need to remove this item. Then you need to insert the card carefully. Put the holder back in the slot. In fact, this development is not only very simple, but also reliable.


If you have already visually acquainted with thismobile phone, you might have noticed that the antenna is installed from the outside. And the smooth outlets of the device are very similar to those in the C35 version. Do not think that the Siemens A35 phone is uncomfortable, it lies perfectly in your hand, and there will not be any discomfort during the conversation. The antenna for the communicator is fixed. "Siemens A35" (year of manufacture - 2000th) in due time has received more pleasant external registration in comparison with other competing models from other manufacturers. To turn on the phone, just press and hold the red button for a short time. But after the device starts to boot, you will need to confirm the activation. To do this, you will need to use the soft-key, which is located on the left side immediately below the screen. Consider "Siemens A35" more closely. The photo will help you to understand exactly where this button is located. However, you should not have difficulties with including the above device. By the way, it is worth mentioning that the communicator is very quickly registered in the mobile network, and after the successful activation you will be able to see the name of your mobile operator. The melodies "Siemens A35" support, but they are only fifteen. Unfortunately, the manufacturer did not envisage the possibility for the user to independently add sounds. The mobile phone of this model does not have any problems and nuances with the quality of communication. Having made the first call from this communicator to another subscriber, you can immediately evaluate the quality of the speaker. Also, the person you are calling to will be able to hear you well, and if necessary, you can independently set the volume level.


ringtones a Siemens a35
In general, there are some negative moments in SiemensA35 "we were not able to identify. If you pay your attention to the cost of this device at the moment, you will be pleasantly surprised. However, to purchase a new phone of this model you will have few chances, since they are no longer produced. If there is a desire to buy a used communicator, then be sure to check it well. The main technical characteristics of the device are: classic case, one SIM card, weight - 122 grams, dimensions - 46x118x28 mm, monochrome screen for two lines, 15 built-in tunes, GSM standard support, 600 mAh battery capacity, autonomy - talk time 4 h ., standby mode - 150 hours, charge - 2 hours. Contacts book memory is available up to 250 entries. All of them are placed only on the SIM-card. There are several modes of audio coding - EFR, FR, HR. Vibrating alert function is not provided. There are no protocols for accessing the Internet.

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