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Electric guitar with own hands - manufacturing

An electric guitar for a beginner is very expensivepleasure. It is almost impossible for a young man to dream. But meanwhile the beginning guitarist would be approached by an electric guitar made with his own hands. And this is not a chimera, it is quite possible.

electric guitar for beginner

Electric guitar with own hands

The main element of the instrument is the body. On guitars made at specialized enterprises, it is made of wood. For a homemade instrument, this option will not work, because making a guitar body made of wood at home is very difficult. He will need wallpaper paste, paper and sawdust.

The fact is that the case of a special role in the sound is notplays. The main thing here is the device of pickups and the digital processor, which serves for creating sound effects. To make it, a plasticine mold is made. In it, and will be poured mixture for the production of the hull. The bottom and walls need to be made as smooth as possible, then you will have to lower their surface after hardening. The whole form is molded by hands (contours - any).

Now you need to prepare the mixture. It will need a couple of buckets of sawdust, a pair of boxes of wallpaper glue. Diluted sawdust glue is covered with sawdust. All you need is a good mix. It should be a fairly thick mass, which is poured into the mold. A mold with a mass should be left for a week to dry.

After the mixture has dried,separating from the body of clay, there are no cracks. If all the same cracks are found, they should be covered with the same mass and left for a week to dry. When everything is dry, the body needs to be polished with sandpaper. The next operation will be pasting the hull with old newspapers in 10 layers. Used for this is the same wallpaper paste. Again it must dry for a week. After this, you will have to sand it again and paint it. To do this, you need old paint (the older, the better, as with time, those substances that spoil the sound of the guitar evaporate from the paint). This will be the last operation to make the hull.

electric guitar

Manufacturing of a fretboard

An electric guitar, created by its own hands, shouldto have a neck. To do this, take a thick branch of any tree. It should be at least 6 cm in diameter. It must be sawn along, and the workpiece must be planked. Using a chisel and a hammer, the head of the neck and its heel are made, which the neck is connected to the body. The aluminum wire is taken, cut into pieces, and frets are made from it. Aluminum best conducts sound. The wire is glued to the neck with "Moment" glue. A connection is made to the connection of the neck to the body in the body with the chisel. The neck is nailed to it with nails.

electric guitar device

Production of an acoustic part

It's better to take the Kolka off the old guitar andto the sides to the neck. String strings are made from nails. When the strings are tight, the nails will need to be hammered to the finish. The bridge is made of an old bolt, for which three nails are hammered on each side of the bridge. Two - at the same height, and the third - just below. Two nails on the edge will not allow the bolt to slip. And the third will be a support. The bridge is installed arbitrarily. The height of the strings is set by the height of the hammered nails. To secure the strings behind the bolt, six nails are hammered, they need to bite off the caps and slightly bend back. It will be a string holder. To play electric guitar, a device called "pickups" is better to buy in the store. But you can try to make it yourself.

So the electric guitar is ready, made with own hands.

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