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Oscar Cardozo: the biography of success

Oscar Rene Cardoso - famous football player of the national teamParaguay, playing at the position of the striker. Notable for his not a small height, the player was noted by both fans and team-mates, who eventually gave him the eloquent nickname "Big Stick".

Oscar Cardozo, photo of which confirm the fullcompliance with the received nickname, regularly upset the goalkeeper opponent scored goals, and not only his head, but also his feet. High growth does not interfere with this at all.

Oscar Cardoso photo

Club career

Oscar Cardozo, compared with other nuggetsfrom South America, got famous late. Up to the achievement of a football player of 23 years of age, his career was taking place in Paraguay's clubs of varying degrees of popularity and success.

In 2006, for 1.2 million dollars was heldtransfer of Oscar to the Argentine club "Newells Old Boys", which marked the beginning of his legionary club career. In the first season, the team's newcomer scored 11 goals against opponents in 16 games, which earned him the title of the best player in Paraguay.

Two impressive seasons in the Argentine championshippromised the player further career growth and transition to one of the European championships. So it turned out, and in June 2007 Oscar Cardoso for 9.1 million euros became a player of the Portuguese "Benfica".

Career Cardoso in this country immediately went on the rise, he became an iron base player and with 16 balls in all competitions won the title of the top scorer Benfica.

In the 2009/2010 season the best scorer of the championshipPortugal was recognized as becoming an increasingly prominent figure in the European football fields of Paraguayan Oscar Cardoso. Football player in 29 matches for his club managed to hit the opponent's gate 26 times in the championship, and also 10 times - in the European League. The goals scored by the forward made a significant contribution to the victory of "Benfica" in the championship of Portugal and a fairly successful game in the Eurocup, in which Cardozo shared the first line with Claudio Pissarro in the list of the best scorers in the tournament.

Oscar Cardoso

Career in the national team of Paraguay

Successful performances in the Argentine championship for"Newells Old Boys" attracted the attention of the coaching staff of the Paraguayan national team, the debut in which Oscar Cardozo was held on March 5, 2007 against the national team of Mexico. The debut was more than successful, the attacker managed to score a goal in the first match.

Since then, Cardoso has been regularly called upon tothe banners of his team, and the first major tournament in which he took part, was the 2007 America's Cup. Despite the unsuccessful outcome of the tournament for the national team of Paraguay, which in the quarter finals suffered a crushing defeat from Mexico with a score of 0: 6, Oscar Cardozo spent 3 of the 4 matches of his team, having managed to hit the gate of the US team.

In 2010, Cardoso participated in the World Cup in South Africa and became a quarterfinal of the world championship.

Oscar Cardoso football player

The main achievements in the career

As a team achievement Cardoso should be noted that the football player:

  • Two-time winner of the Portuguese Cup in the "Benfica" 2010 and 2011.
  • Champion of Portugal in 2010.

Among the personal achievements of the footballer are the following titles:

  • The best footballer of Paraguay in 2006 and 2009.
  • The best sniper of the championship of Portugal of a season 2009/2010.
  • The best scorer of the Europa League 2009/2010 season.

That's it, Oscar Cardoso!

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