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High-quality sublimation printing

The emergence of new printing technologies allowsIncrease the quality of prints and make their scope wider. Among them, a sublimation seal is especially distinguished, the essence of which is to apply images to ceramics, wood, textiles and other materials.

What is sublimation?

Sublimation is the transfer of a dye inheated condition on thermal paper. In the thermal printer, the ink evaporates, and the image is applied from the tape, which is located between the thermal paper and the element that heats the paint. Thus, when sublimation there is no liquid phase of the paint, it immediately passes from the gaseous phase into a solid phase. Sublimation printing is similar to inkjet, but with the only difference that in this case each point on the applied surface is displayed, so the image is more realistic and stable.

Sublimation to fabric

sublimation printing on T-shirts

This printing technology is used fordrawing images on different media. One of these carriers is fabric. The most common sublimation printing on T-shirts, T-shirts, sweatshirts. Such clothes can be washed, ironed and even bleached. Sublimation printing on fabric is an image transfer, which is printed on a large-format printer on a fabric, while the image is bright, saturated and resistant.

Where sublimation to tissue is used

Transfer of the image to clothing by sublimationwidely used by designers. Now it is popular to make clothes for promo actions: on T-shirts, blouses, ties put a company logo. In addition, custom-made sublimation on clothes, scarves or shawls - this is a good souvenir.

Technology of sublimation on the fabric

sublimation printing

Sublimation printing technology on clothingis that the image is first transferred to paper. Then the paper, together with the cloth, is sent to a special device that transfers the image from the paper to the fabric under pressure and high temperature. The paint, passing into the gaseous state, penetrates into the tissue and in its fibers passes into a solid state. All this occurs at a temperature above 180 degrees. The image becomes resistant due to the fact that the fibers of the fabric expand and penetrate the paint when they are heated. Gradually, the temperature decreases, and the pores of the fibers are closed, so the paint remains inside the tissue and is reliably protected from external influences. For sublimation printing, only synthetic fabrics are used, since natural ones do not have the property of opening and closing their pores.

Printing on mugs

sublimation printing on mugs

Sublimation printing on mugs allowsget high quality image. The technology of drawing an image (often photographs) is the same as when applied to a fabric - first on paper and then on a ceramic mug. The pixel boundaries are not visible even when viewed under a microscope. The colors are bright, and the transitions between them are smooth.

Sublimation printing is an excellent option forthose who value the quality of the image, because most often such mugs or t-shirts are designed for gifts to relatives and business partners. Thanks to this method of printing, the image becomes durable, and therefore memorable.

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