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Advertising functions and its operation

Advertising has become an integral part of our lives. We encounter it in any field. It is thanks to advertising you can find out about the novelties and features of goods and services. The famous phrase "advertising - the engine of trade" fully corresponds to the importance that it bears. Let's consider in more detail advertising functions and that action which it renders.

Producers of goods and services seek to obtainprofit from its activities. For this, a marketing strategy is developed and the circle of people who will be interested in this product or services is determined. The marketing strategy includes several directions. One of them is the promotion of the sale of products or services. This is where advertising comes in, as one of the methods of increasing sales.

The goals of advertising can be different: increase sales, promote the activities of the company or communication with society.

Depending on the impact, advertising functions are distinguished.

Informative function provides notificationsociety about products and services. It tells about the features and properties of the product, as well as about where it can be purchased. This is the most important function of advertising. Many consumers appreciate information that provides a complete picture of the product. This saves them time and money. Since a long time, many manufacturers of goods (artisans) have made on it designations that helped buyers to recognize the right product. Today, this function is borne by brands, logos and trademarks. Bringing information to the consumer is actual today.

The psychological function affectsconsumer thinking. It shapes their notion of prestige, social level and, as a consequence, preferences when choosing a particular product. Advertising in this case tells about the status of this purchase. She talks about raising the standard of living or about self-improvement (in case of acquisition). In this case, advertising is also the engine for introducing new inventions and accelerating technical progress.

But at the same time, besides the educationalinformation, advertising should call for a purchase or for any other action. This is the next function of advertising. Having brought to the consumer the necessary information, she should induce him or cause him to desire to purchase this product or service. It is in this case that we can say that all the basic functions of advertising have worked.

In addition to commercial advertising, there is alsosocial advertisement. It is designed to protect children, pensioners, disabled people and the whole society. In addition, social advertising calls for the protection of the environment, animals, etc. It is a way of propaganda of public values ​​among the population. The functions of social advertising have the following division:

  1. Socialization. This is the propaganda of social values, norms of life and behavior in society. It becomes the conductor of man in the modern community.
  2. The engine of progress. In this case, new technical developments are advertised, which improve the life of society. This may not be direct advertising, but the attitude of people to the appearance of changes. To some extent, this is an educational function. You can say that the functions of advertising are related to each other.
  3. Assistance in the development of society. Thanks to this function, a mass model of behavior, common values, norms that are fixed in people's minds are formed.

From all that has been said, it can be noted that the roleadvertising in society is quite high. It is important not only for each individual manufacturer, but also for the country as a whole. The functions of advertising consist not only in bringing information to the consumer and inducing him to do something, but also as an instrument for the development of society and the economy.

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