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The unique three-deck motor ship "Holy Russia"

Thanks to its interior trim the motor ship"Holy Russia" is rightfully considered a unique vessel. Columns and plating of cabins and interior spaces with natural wood create an atmosphere of coziness and romance on board. The ship was launched in Germany in 1955, then it was called the "Motherland".

Then the ship was renamed and began to wearthe name "Holy Russia". In 2004, it was thoroughly reconstructed, and in 2006 it was completely modernized. Magnificent crystal chandeliers flashed everywhere, the interiors of the cabins were refreshed, the music salon and bars were transformed, but in general the specialists retained a unique romantic style. Snow-white handsome - the ship "Holy Russia" (the photo perfectly demonstrates this fact).

Motor ship Holy Rus

Cruises on the three-deck motor ship "Holy Russia"

Water cruises are considered to be the most impressive andquite an economical kind of summer vacation. They combine several advantages at once: cultural and historical excursions, evening entertainment on board and complete freedom from domestic concerns. Many tourists for short cruises choose the ship "Holy Russia". Valaam is considered the most popular tourist route, every year this island is visited by tens of thousands of pilgrims.

Motor ship Holy Russia photo

Cruises on Valaam

The rocky island of Valaam is in the northernparts of Lake Ladoga. Unique vegetation, warm lakes, steep cliffs and pine forests - all this fascinates and enthralls. But the main attraction of the island is the Savior-Transfiguration Valaam Monastery. Previously it was called the Northern Athos, it was considered the center of world Orthodoxy. In addition, there are guided tours of the reviving monastic sketes.

The amazing nature and modest grandeur of templesamazing with its naturalness and beauty. The ship "Holy Russia" regularly cruises of different duration on the island of Valaam. This informative and interesting excursion is always in demand by tourists.

Motor ship Holy Russia Valaam

Technical characteristics of the ship

  • The project is 588.
  • Power - 1200 horsepower.
  • Number of decks - 3.
  • Displacement - 1495 tons.
  • The total length is 96 m.
  • The total width is 14.3 m.
  • The ship's draft is 2.4 m.
  • The speed is 26 km / h.
  • Capacity - 216 people.
  • The number of cabins is 96.

Motor ship "Holy Russia": photo cabins and their description

Total on board:

  • Luxury cabin - 1 piece.
  • Semi-luxe cabins - 13 pcs.
  • Family cabin - 1 pc.
  • Double single-level cabins - 37 pcs.
  • Two-level four-berth cabins - 23 pcs.

Ship of Holy Russia photo cabins

Detailed description of the cabins

  1. The cabin is a suite. Two-roomed large cabin, with TV, radio, DVD-player and refrigerator. It has two windows, a shower, a linen closet, a double bed, a toilet, a 220 volt power supply. For the third passenger an extra sofa is provided.
  2. Cabins junior suite I. Large single cabin with TV, radio, DVD player and fridge. It has two windows, a shower, a linen closet, a double bed, a toilet, a 220 volt power supply.
  3. Cabin Junior Suite II. Comfortable double cabin with TV, radio, DVD-player and refrigerator. There are two or three windows, a shower, a linen closet, a double bed, a toilet, a 220 volt power supply network.
  4. Cabin Junior Suite III. Double cabin, with TV, radio, DVD-player and refrigerator. It has two windows, a chair-bed, a shower, a linen closet, a double bed, a toilet, a 220 volt power supply.
  5. The cabin is family. Comfortable double two-room cabin. There are two windows, a linen closet, a shower, a toilet, a 220 volt power supply network.

    In the above cabins, additional occupancy is possible, but not more than one person.

  6. Cabin 2Ac. One-level double cabin. It has a linen closet, radio, window, washbasin, two beds.
  7. The cabin is 4Bg. Two-level four-berth cabin. It has one window, a linen closet, radio, sleeping places.
  8. The cabin is 4B. Two-level four-berth cabin. There are sleeping places, radio, two portholes.

The ship "Holy Russia" makes various rivercruises and is great for an economical family vacation. From the windows of the two-seater cabins, a wonderful view of the enchanting landscapes and endless water spaces opens up. On the lower deck there are four cabins, which are ideal for a family trip.

Service offered on the boat

  • On the boat deck there is a beautiful disco-hall "Parallel" and a restaurant "Panorama".
  • On the middle deck there is a music room and a cozy "Breeze" bar.
  • On the main deck there is a restaurant "Ladoga", a small dessert-hall, a first-aid post and a mess-room.

More about the service

The ship "Sacred Russia" is simply created forcarefree and pleasant water recreation. On board there is a music room where you can listen to your favorite music. For those who appreciate silence, the reading room is open. Restaurants offer a wide variety of different dishes, and in bars you can always buy any drinks. At the stern of the boat deck there are various entertainment programs, and in the disco hall - night discos. Often on the boat invited pop and folklore performers. There are many additional services that will make your holiday unforgettable.

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