/ The most interesting places and sights of the Novgorod region

The most interesting places and sights of the Novgorod region

Veliky Novgorod is the oldest city. It occupies the north-western part of Russia. In its administrative subordination is the Novgorod region, rich in interesting places. Here you can feel all the grandeur of history. This area is also rich in nature reserves, museums and temple buildings. Traveling in the Novgorod region can be very exciting.

Sights of the Novgorod Regionare scattered all over her district. Therefore, all of them can not be looked at all at once, unless you have to travel by car. But in some places it's still worth a visit.

Mysterious Lake Sheregorodo

sights of the Novgorod region

Lake Sheregodro is in a chain of karstlakes located on the territory of the Borovichi district of the Novgorod region. This lake has a severe and even unpredictable character. There were years when its coast line was far away from the level. In other years, there were floods, and the entire coastal zone, together with the trees, was submerged. Local residents say that for several years the lake almost completely left. But then it poured again. The cause of these phenomena has not yet been studied. The lake itself is very beautiful. However, only "water" tourists and those who can see the sights of the Novgorod region by car can see this beauty. Through the lake there are several canoeing routes.

Here you can set up a tent and enjoysilence and tranquility. But there is an option and less extreme. On the eastern shore of the lake there is a small recreation center. Conditions here are marching. You can rent a house, rent a boat, prepare food. Conveniences are on the street. For a holiday in such a unique place is a good option.

Lake Velier

sights of the Novgorod region by car

Continuing to describe the naturalsights of the Novgorod region, I want to tell you about one of the largest waterways of northwestern Russia - Lake Velier. The lake occupies almost 25 kilometers of the territory. Its banks are winding. A lot of islands were formed on the lake.

Fans of fishing, and just those who love the natural beauty of the lake will open in full glory. There is a huge number of perch and pike in it.

Before the war - it was a natural pond. After that, there were many unexploded mines in the territory and a decision was made to artificially raise the level of the lake and flood the large area.

The local administration consists of literatespecialists, therefore the safety of the lake is in reliable hands. You can only fish here by purchasing a ticket. During the spawning period, fishing is prohibited on some parts of the lake.

The water in the lake is so clean that you can drink it directly from the pond. This is the best place to relax in nature.

Rdeisky Reserve

natural attractions of the Novgorod region

Natural attractions of Novgorodareas are also represented by reserves. Rdeisky Reserve is located near the lakes Polisto and Rdeisk, thanks to which this place is also called the Rdeisko-Polistovsky region.

This place is deserted. The marshy terrain is covered with moss. Here and there pine trees and stunted shrubs grow. Often come across water, in which the sun reflects. In these places you can meet many species of different birds.

The system of bogs was formed due to peat bogs and is the largest not only in Russia, but also in Europe.

The reserve covers an area of ​​37 thousand hectares. In each part of the reserve, certain plants grow. In the north grow coniferous trees, in the south and east - deciduous. The reserve was discovered relatively recently, in 1994. so the trees here are mostly young.

Among the peat bogs there are small islands (Andrianov, Domša). The forests in this area have preserved their original appearance.

The special value of the Rdeisky Reserverepresent rare and protected plants. Scientists discover new types of moss every year. The territory is also inhabited by a variety of animals. Some species of birds are even listed in the Red Book.

The Dendropark. Village Opechensky Posad

sights of the Borovichi of the Novgorod region

Consider the sights of BorovichiNovgorod region. In Borovichi district there are many interesting places for tourists. One of them is the village of Opechensky Posad. Here is a unique arboretum. The first tree on this territory was planted in 1957 by a local resident Semyon Ushakov.

Then he began to bring from different reservesRussia's new trees and shrubs. The arboretum operates at the expense of S. Ushakov's personal resources and efforts. Help him and the local people. Here they dug a small pond, built a pier and an observation deck, made an artificial island. From the improvised materials, several fountains were collected. Everyone welcomes an unusual bear at the entrance to the park. There are thematic alleys, for example, for newlyweds or for sponsors. You can plant a tree on them yourself. Dendropark and much more can be visited by arriving in Borovichi, Novgorod region. Attractions are available both in the city itself and in its surroundings.

Today the arboretum is under protection. It is a monument of nature of regional importance. Semyon Ushakov recently left this world and the arboretum was transferred to the guardianship of his daughters who want to transfer the object to the state. The entrance to the park is free.

sights in the Novgorod region attractions

Sights of the Novgorod region consist not only of natural objects. There are amazing temple buildings here.

Holy Trinity Mihailo-Klopsky Monastery

The Orthodox monastery is located in a picturesqueplace - the mouth of the river Veraži. Nearby is Lake Ilmen. The monastery received its name because of the shape of the terrain on which it is located. Here the Veraža river forms a multitude of branches, the shape of which in general resembles a bedbug.

There is another version of the origin of such an unusualtitle. In chronicles the monastery is mentioned since 1408. It was in this year that the monastery was visited by one of the relatives of Dmitry Donskoy - Mikhail Klopsky. His relics are still in the monastery as the main shrine.

In the 15th century, the Trinity Cathedral was built here, which is the main monastic church. Later, the church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker was erected.

At the beginning of the 19th century a bell tower was erected on the territory.

Novgorod region attractions

Previously, the monastery was female, but during the wartemple buildings were badly affected. Since 2005, the monastery has again become part of the ROC, but now as a masculine. They began to actively restore it.

Attractions Staraya Russa Novgorodskaya oblast

Old Russa is in the centerNovgorod region. This cozy little town is one of the oldest in the whole region. There are many interesting sights and places to relax. The old Russa is first of all famous for the fact that there is a balneological resort and the summer house of Dostoevsky F.M.

The appearance of the city is full of legends. One of them says that two princes Rus and Slovene decided to establish the cities of Slovensk and Rus near Ilmen lake. Another legend mentions the tribes of Rus, who lived on this territory even before the arrival of the Varangians.

sights old russia novgorod region

Development of the city

Since its inception, Old Russ was consideredthe main center of salt production. Earlier here there were only wooden houses, but after the fire that destroyed all the buildings, the city began to be built up by stone buildings. The extraction of salt over time practically ceased. More relevant are mud and mineral water. Therefore, the first balneograss resort in Russia was opened here.

Famous for Staraya Russa also because herefor a long time stayed FM Dostoevsky. The resort was visited by cultural figures and writers, who served Dostoevsky as an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Here he finished many famous works.

Today in Staraya Russa there is a writer's house-museum, which receives visitors.

House-Museum of NA Nekrasov in Chudovo

Of particular interest is the city of ChudovoNovgorod region. Sights here are also interesting. For example, Chudovskaya Luke, which is directly connected with the poet NA Nekrasov. The poet bought here a mansion and created it for a while. Here, the legendary "Elegy" was born.

Today, Nekrasov's estate is a museum open in1971. In 2004 the museum was reconstructed. Here you can see the rooms in which the poet lived. On the territory there is a school named after Nekrasov, which was opened in 1892 by the poet's sister.

Chudovo Novgorod Region Attractions

Every year the museum hosts interesting events, such as Nekrasov's reading, poet's memorial evenings, children's holidays, master classes, creative lessons and much more.

National Park. Valdai

No less interesting are the sights of ValdayNovgorod region. These include the Valdai National Park. The purpose of its creation was the decision to preserve a unique complex of lakes and forests located on the Valdai Upland. All conditions for recreation are created here.

The national park consists of forest lands, swamps, water, hayfields, roads and non-forest lands.

The nature here is amazing. On the one hand, the park borders on the southern taiga, and on the other - with broad-leaved forests.

In ancient times this place was inhabited by Slavic tribes. Remains of their presence have been preserved to this day. Here you can see mounds, villages, hills.

In the 19th century there were numerousmanors with picturesque parks, attracting many writers, artists, poets and other creative personalities. Natural beauty combined with masterpieces of architecture attracted special attention.

sights of Valdai Novgorod region

The park has a convenient location. On its territory, recreation centers and camps for children have been built.

Slavic village of the 20th century

Sights of the Novgorod Regionscattered in all its parts. In Lyubytino there is a unique place - the open museum "Slavic village of the 20th century". This museum is a kind of imitation of the Slavic village. Here you can see all the tools of the past. To visit houses, a bakery, a blacksmith. All buildings are an exact copy of the buildings of the 20th century.

The museum is located on the territory of the Valdaielevations on the banks of the Msta River. This creation was the result of the project "Russ deep". For several years scientists have created this masterpiece from the past. But now it is a real joy for tourists. Here they can be imbued with the atmosphere of life of past generations.

Description of the monument

The project is entirely based on archaeological research. Scientists almost in the original recreated the village of ancestors.

The Slavic village consisted of several houses. The big house belonged to the head of the family, the rest to the relatives, children, grandchildren. All of them lived in small houses.

sights of the Novgorod region

The buildings of the past were significantly differentfrom modern. Even the technology of the structure was different. The houses from the log house then served not so long and were built with primitive tools. The roofs were covered with turf. Used it as a heater. Between the logs were laid moss, so that there were no cracks. The roof was protected from leaking birch bark.

In these houses, small ventilation holes served as windows. It was impossible to enter the house in full growth. The doors were low, due to this, the house did not come out warm.

In each house there was a stove-heater. The stones were stacked on top of each other. Cementing agents did not cover the laying.

The granary was set on a raised platform so that the rodents could not damage the supplies.

In the house of the head of the clan various classes were held. Since childhood, children have been taught various crafts and daily duties.

The houses did not have a trace of luxury, only the most necessary items. From the furniture there was only a table with benches. The dishes were near the stove.

The uniqueness of the museum lies in the fact that it was built using the same tools as in antiquity. Tourists can also learn some crafts and tools.

These are the sights of the Novgorod region. Photos only partially convey their beauty. Be sure to see it live.

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