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Holidays in Cyprus: photo. Northern Cyprus. Beaches in Cyprus

Today many Russians prefer to rest onCyprus is a magnificent resort with a beautiful coastline and magnificent nature. Tours to the fairy island are sold to almost all travel agencies in any season. Today Cyprus for Russians has become the second home. This paradise is like a place for true connoisseurs of European resorts.

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Geographical position

Cyprus on the world map is a small part of the land,located in the north-east of the Mediterranean Sea. The island is located at the junction of sea routes of Syria, Egypt and Turkey. The closest thing to Cyprus is Turkey - 70 km, from Egypt to Cyprus - 350 km, to Syria - 103 km. The island looks like a lizard on the map.

The area of ​​Cyprus is nine thousand two hundred and fifty one square kilometers. This is less than the area of ​​Sicily or Sardinia. You can drive it by car in one day.

Territorial division of the island

97.3% of the territory of the island of Cyprus belongs tothe Republic of Cyprus, 2.7% - the British exclave, the territory of military bases. In fact, the situation is different. 36% of the territory after the invasion of the Turkish troops in 1974 became the self-proclaimed TRNC (Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus). The legal authorities own 59%, 2.3% - the demarcation zone, which divides the island and is protected by the contingent of the UN Armed Forces. The population of the Republic of Cyprus is 866,000 people. The main language is Greek. In addition, English and Turkish are used.

Ghost State

Northern Cyprus (TRNC) is a recognized stateonly by Turkey. Occupies the third part of the territory of the island of Cyprus. For the world community and the EU, North Cyprus is an ethnic and political problem that requires immediate resolution.

Cyprus in August

North Cyprus is absolutely safe,tourist place. TRNC - a resort expensive and designed for a tourist organized. Unique antique monuments of the times of the Crusaders, magnificent landscapes, mild climate - all this attracts tourists from all over the world. It is best to visit Northern Cyprus in the spring - at this time the valley of the island blooms emerald green grass, in the mountains many flowers blossom. Tourists at this time a little, and there is an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of waking nature.

Resorts of Cyprus

This fabulous island has many excellentresorts. All of them have their own characteristics and are designed for different groups of holidaymakers. Today we will tell you about them, and you will understand which one is most suitable for you.

Ayia Napa

If you prefer to visit during the holidaysnight clubs, discos, then this place will suit you. His appearance in the daytime is deceptive. At first it may seem that this is a quiet and quiet town, lost between plantations of fruits and vegetables. With the onset of dusk, the city literally lights up with neon. Night clubs and discos, restaurants and pubs are full of youth. In the morning, all holidaymakers will again enjoy the silence and the magnificent white sand beaches.

Do not think that a vacation in Cyprus, a photo of which you can see in our article, is just an aimless lying on the beach. Everywhere there are conditions for exercising.

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Golden sandy beaches surrounded by rocks,which frame small bays. Here you can admire the very scenic sunrises and sunsets. This resort will appeal to lovers and connoisseurs of nature, which did not concern the hand of man. Romantics and happy owners of large families will feel comfortable here.

Protaras is a fairly young resort, locatednear Ayia Napa. Here the clean sea waits. Your children will quickly find themselves friends on the beach. The hotels provide early dinners for younger guests and babysitting services. In short, this is a resort for families.


If you prefer to live in a small town,you like to walk along the embankments and visit numerous shops, then we recommend that you go to Larnaca. A small port town with a population of 40 thousand people is very cheerful and cozy. In ancient times it was the largest port in the country, and today it is a harbor for magnificent yachts. A well-groomed, beautiful promenade with sprawling palm trees, numerous bars and restaurants, as well as fishing taverns - a great place for walking.

Larnaka built on the site of the ancient kingdomKithium, founded by the grandson of the legendary Noah - Kittimom. The name Larnaka can be translated as "the city of Saint Lazarus." Here came Lazar, the very first bishop of this island, revived by Christ.

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Beaches in Cyprus, perhaps, are the best on thisthis resort. Here you will like to relax active people - loving numerous trips and excursions around the island, a variety of nightly entertainment. It is a port and a major tourist center.

The population of the city is 135 thousand people. No doubt, the most visited resort of the island of Cyprus. Recreation, hotels, food system - everything here at the highest level. Limassol is the winemaking center of Cyprus. Every year, you can admire gay carnivals, take part in wine festivals, where the best specialists in this area treat their products to all those who wish for a week.


This is a resort for those who appreciate the mostold, museum expositions, ancient legends and monuments. Rest in Paphos unites the historic area and amenities of a modern resort. In summer, this resort is the coolest place on the island. There is a relic pine forest here. According to the Cypriots, walks in it help with various diseases and prolong life.

Tours to Cyprus

A trip to this amazing island willunforgettable event. Rest in Cyprus, the photo of which is placed in our article, has a lot of advantages over other resorts. Most importantly, it is a mild climate, which adults and children perfectly tolerate. Each holidaymaker can build his vacation the way he dreamed. The main thing is that before you buy a tour, you should decide how you want to spend your vacation - the choice of a resort depends on it. Especially carefully it is necessary to approach the choice of the resort, if you are going on holiday with children. Ask the tour operator, where the most comfortable conditions for small tourists are created.

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Cyprus in August

Summer passed for its half. Not far off the hottest month. Many people, of course, are interested in the question, what is Cyprus in August? In the last month of summer, the weather in Cyprus almost does not differ from the July one - it is still hot and dry. Daytime temperatures reach the mark of +40 degrees, and sometimes even higher, at night a little more than +20. More comfortable weather in mountainous areas. The rains in Cyprus in August should not wait - this is a fairly rare phenomenon. And there are almost no cloudy days. However, thanks to the abundance of greenery and the sea breeze, the heat is carried by the main part of the holidaymakers well.

Do not go to the beach from 12 to 16 hours. This time is best spent at the indoor pool. Water in the sea in August warms to such an extent that it does not cool down even at night, so vacationers bathe at any time of the day.

These are not the most favorable weather conditionsprevent August from becoming the height of the holiday season in Cyprus. Vacationers from all over the world fill the hotels and beaches of the island. But parents planning a holiday with children, it is better to choose May or September. The fact is that kids are much heavier than adults who suffer severe heat.

Cyprus - rest "All inclusive"

Many novice travelers and touristsmistakenly believe that the system "all inclusive" works only in five-star hotels. Holidays in Cyprus, a photo of which can be seen on all advertising brochures of travel agencies, convincingly proves that even modest two-star hotels use this system quite successfully. We knowingly talked about these hotels. The fact is that in Cyprus the service in hotels is built in such a way that the service even in hotels of a low class meets the European level.

Cyprus for Russians

Sights of Cyprus

Holiday in Cyprus, photos of the most picturesque placeswhich you can see in our article, in addition to a wonderful holiday on the well-equipped beaches, can be very informative. The island of Cyprus has a long and interesting history, so there are many unique monuments of history and architecture.

Tombs of kings are undergroundburial of huge sizes - several hundred meters. They are a copy of the houses in which these kings once lived. The most interesting and valuable things are collected in the dungeon - these are crosses, household utensils, drawings. To our great regret, only two tombs have remained unreported today.

Archbishop's Palace

Cypriots are sure that the most beautiful building onisland - this majestic palace, built in 1955-1960. There are several museums on the territory - the National Arts, the Byzantine, the Gallery of Arts.

Kolossi Castle

It is located ten kilometers west ofLimassol. It was built of yellow limestone in the very beginning of the thirteenth century, by the decree of the King of Jerusalem. It is a unique monument of military architecture. It was rebuilt in the middle of the fifteenth century, and since then its appearance has not changed.

Bath of Aphrodite

It is located near Paphos. According to an ancient legend, here Aphrodite had fun with Dionysus. This monument can only be reached on foot. According to legend, the water in the pool gives eternal youth.


This is an ancient policy, the history of which is more than a thousand years old. He is a silent witness to the history of the island. Surely this place will interest fans of Greek mythology.


This ancient village is not far from Paphos. In translation from the Greek language, the name can be translated as "sacred garden". According to legends, it was here that the gardens of Aphrodite blossomed.

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Archaeological Museum

The oldest museum on the island, is in Nicosia. Its expositions are occupied by fourteen rooms. To get acquainted with them even fluently, it will take a lot of time.

Today the topic of our conversation was rest onCyprus. The photos presented in this article will help you to imagine the beauty and originality of these places. Be sure that the time spent on this wonderful island will be remembered for many years.

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