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Yury Boldyrev: activities, articles and books

A born official, as the freepress, Yuri Boldyrev - from the galaxy of "St. Petersburg Vikings". He was born in Leningrad on May 29, 1960. Family captain first rank, albeit retired, was able to provide his son with a decent education and instill the qualities necessary for public activities of the upper echelon.

The first seven-mile steps into politics

In 1983, Yury Boldyrev graduated from LETI named after VI Ulyanov (Lenin), six years later - LFEI. The work in CNIIISET not only did not impede active public activity, on the contrary, it helped.

Already in 1989, Yury Boldyrev became a people'sa member of the USSR from Leningrad, since 1991 - membership in the Supreme Advisory Council of the Chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR and almost immediately under the President of Russia.

At administrative posts

Since March 1992, Yury Yuryevich Boldyrev receiveda new appointment: he became the Chief State Inspector of Russia, the head of the Control Department of the Presidential Administration. Not for long the music played: in March 1993 this post was abolished, but membership in the Federation Council of the Russian Federation from St. Petersburg opened up a wide scope for career growth in the course of public activities.

Yuri Boldyrev

In 1993, the elections to the StateDuma, and Yuri Boldyrev, along with Vladimir Lukin and Grigory Yavlinsky, became the head of the Yabloko electoral bloc, giving the name of the political party the first letters of the names of the leaders. Yavlinsky is a strong leader, like many supporters of Yuri Boldyrev. The policy needed scope for activity.

With Grigory Yavlinsky

He left the Yabloko in September 1995. The reason for this was the conflict on the basis of disagreement on the law on the Central Bank, the Production Sharing Agreement, it was actively lobbied by Yabloko, there were also disagreements on electoral legislation. Scandal did not happen - so, a small mutual intellectual hysterics. But it was possible to storm the foothold of the political field and take a higher step in the social position.

Happened: From 1995 to 2001 Yury Boldyrev held the position of chairman in the Accounting Chamber of the Russian Federation, and since 1999 has already been a member of the Council of the well-known Union of Oil and Gas Equipment Manufacturers. Only one thing did not grow together: twice (in 1996 and 2000) ran for governors of St. Petersburg. I took an honorable third place, but I was not consoled. Yuri Boldyrev left the book to write.

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In 2007, he again ran for the StateThe Duma. He entered the top three among the candidates for deputies in St. Petersburg. He summed up the choice of the party, which he did not even have time to enter. From the party "Fair Russia" Yuri Boldyrev in the Duma did not pass.

But the books were in demand. Still - they documented the facts of monstrous corruption in the highest echelons of power. People like that. Yuri Boldyrev, whose books ("The Rape of Eurasia" and "On the barrels of honey ...") underwent a proper advertising campaign, acquired new supporters. The politician went to the people.

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Unexpected turn

Since 2008, Boldyrev Yuriy Yurievich is a member of theExpert Council of the analytical magazine "Geopolitics". International magazine - it should be noted especially. And suddenly, in 2012, at the presidential election, he becomes the confidant of the country's main communist - Gennady Zyuganov. (There would be a silent scene in the theater, like the last one in the finale of the "Inspector General".)

supporters of Yuri Boldyrev

Moreover, in 2013 Yury Boldyrev, biographywhich shows us more like a statesman and not a revolutionary at all (and remember what he did when the White House burned), suddenly enters the Organizing Committee to prepare and hold events dedicated to the memory of the Supreme Council of the Russian Federation and the Congress of Deputies that was shot twenty years ago.

Continuation of travel to the people

It is always interesting to observe the cardinalreorganization of the worldview of an individual. Especially if you check the latest statements of the individual with the declared beliefs of twenty years ago.

Now everyone who is convinced that at the presidentialelection, Vladimir Putin accurately received more than 50% of the vote, become by definition Olduryov despicable hired provocateurs. Whence he has such confidence, it becomes clearer if you rip the archive of Yuri Boldyrev, listen to some of his speeches, look through books, read articles.

Secrets of Biography

Everyone can express themselves and even changea world view on the polar opposite, if a person changes for the better. But the accomplished events - alas! - can not be altered. The affairs of human biography cherish. Let us recall the predatory Production Sharing Agreement for Russia and this gap between Boldyrev and Yavlinsky with intellectual hysteria instead of a real scandal.

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Yury Boldyrev came out of the block with the namerotten fruit in September. And the PSA (Agreement) officially began operating in December. Do not we know how long such texts are made out! So, Yury Boldyrev was directly involved in the preparation of the law, which clearly went to the detriment of Russia, but what irreversible harm! This applies to the unfavorable for Russia scheme of calculating income taxable, the distribution of profits between the state and the company, this is tax collection from corporations, this devastation of Russian mineral wealth ...

Amazing flexibility

And even earlier - from 1991 to 1992 - being a memberThe Supreme Advisory Council under the Chairman of the Supreme Council and under President Yeltsin, what did Yury Boldyrev do if he did not advise the introduction of gangster capitalism in Russia? And implemented, yes. So, in 1999, Russia almost collapsed.

Free Press Yuri Boldyrev

"Apple" - natural, absolutely liberalproduct, and exposer provokers, honest official Yuri Boldyrev, whose articles are now branded robbing the country's corporation, suddenly gets a post from a leading oil company. Is not it strange? For someone, maybe, and strange. But in the light of the approval of the Production Sharing Agreement, which is beneficial for corporations, it is understandable as gratitude.

Accounting Chamber

Troubled years 1999, milenium, and 2001 too. Then Yury Boldyrev served in the Accounting Chamber - deputy chairman. 179 enterprises had to manage, among them such machineries as "Izhorskiye Zavody" or "Sibneftemash". The post assumed control over state interests. And it was necessary to defend interests of machine-building firms and oilmen. Everyone sees what happened.

And we have not started talking about Yury Boldyrev's participation in the MHD (Interregional Deputies Group). Speech to the director of the Institute of Russian Civilization, Doctor of Economic Sciences Oleg Platonov.

The Cribla Institute

MHD actively assisted in the implementation of thethe territory of Russia a huge number of various intermediary structures. They noted the Kribla Institute, the Public Committee for Russian Reforms, and the American National Contribution to Democracy, and a million different foundations and commissions, from where the gratuitous traitors drew funds for the murder of their own country.

The head of the Kribla Institute, for example, decided"devote all my energy to the collapse of the Soviet Union." End quote. Thus, this institute entangled all the republics of the former USSR with a network of missions. Conducted "training conferences" from the autumn of 1989 until the spring of 1992. The geography of these conferences is more than extensive: Leningrad, Moscow, Sverdlovsk, Vilnius, Tallinn, Riga, Voronezh, Kiev, Lvov, Minsk, Odessa, Nizhny Novgorod, Yerevan, Tomsk, Irkutsk, Novosibirsk. Only in Moscow conferences took place over this period of time - six!

On the nature of the briefing

On the example of the party propagandist GennadyBurbulis clearly shows how the instructors of the Kribla Institute work. Until 1988 he never tired of repeating the theses about the consolidating role of the Communist Party in the process of perestroika, and after the briefing he also loudly exclaimed that "the empire (that is, the USSR) must be destroyed."

The head of another child of the CIA - "Nationalcontribution to democracy. "A. Weinstein since 1984, unhindered to fund the Andrei Sakharov Institute in Moscow, where the Center for Human Rights and the Free University were established for students who did not like the system of higher education of the Soviet Union, in 1990 created the US Congress Foundation and (attention!) - the initiative funding of not poor street children, who by the 90th year had divorced innumerable numbers, no, the Interregional Deputies Group of the USSR Armed Forces was funded!

In the network of representations of such institutionsthe instruction was held by many hundreds of people, who later formed the entire staff of the present destroyers of the USSR and future assistants to Boris Yeltsin. Oleg Platonov names some surnames that went to state treason. This: G. Popov, M. Poltoranin, G. Starovoitova, A. Murashov, E. Gaidar, S. Stankevich, M. Bocharov, A. Chubais, J. Boldyrev, G. Yavlinsky, V. Lukin and many others, there Many people from Yeltsin's entourage, who later went to the "shadow", as well as prominent television workers and journalists, were trained.

Fifth column

The Kribla Institute is still working today. Having formed the "fifth column" of traitors to the Homeland from the "Democratic Russia" and the Interregional Deputy Group, the institution changed its name. Now it is RIPDS, the Russian Institute, which implements democracy and freedom in our reality. And if you stand at the porch of the house number forty-four on Bolshaya Nikitskaya Street in Moscow, you can count how many times Yuri Boldyrev will go there for a certain time. Perhaps he has not yet fully received payment. The late Nemtsov, my friend, was so honest that he told journalists directly: they say, yes, all public activity is ALWAYS paid for from abroad.

archives of Yury Boldyrev

Long-term bureaucratic service, which Yuri carriedBoldyrev, reviews of which are sometimes polar opposites, even to a weakly armed eye is seen as something completely cloudy. In any case, the fact that it took place as an agent of influence (plus the financial support of the Interregional Deputy Group from the outside) is fully proved. By the way, Boris Yeltsin was also a member of this deputy group.

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