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Vladimir Mayakovsky: poems that are easy to learn

Russian poetry is multifaceted and unusual, itcombines the ornate lyric poetry of symbolism and the straightforwardness of futurism, inconsistent rhythm and a clear concrete syllable. The list of Russian-speaking poets is truly endless - Pushkin, Tyutchev, Blok, Mayakovsky. Poems that are easy to learn belong to the pen of different authors, but the works of the Iron Poet are rightly considered to be one of the most memorable. Let's try to understand why he is considered one of the best in our literature.

Overall Impression

He is either loved or hated, neutralthere is almost no relation to it. Mayakovsky wrote poems for children, patriotic odes, short epigrams - his talent could not be driven into any frame. There are converging fans and opponents in one thing - he was indisputably gifted. An innovative approach to writing poems, the famous "ladder", which, in the opinion of some, was a way to earn on more lines, while others believe that it was this form that the poet used to demonstrate the rhythm of his works. A huge number of neologisms, even those peculiar to that era, but still manifested in Mayakovsky's lyric poetry are especially bright - that's what distinguishes him from a number of other poets of the early twentieth century.

Mayakovsky poems that are easy to learn

In pursuit of the ideal

To talk about the fact that Mayakovsky's poems, whicheasy to learn, writing quite effortlessly, it is impossible. Art critics say that the Iron poet spent hours working on rhymes, filling them with whole notebooks. Each of his poems he polished to perfection, considering the shock and unstressed syllables, maintaining a balance between them and ideally choosing the rhythm, even for the non-rhythmic parts of the poems. It is known that Pushkin was one of the literary landmarks of the poet, in spite of the fact that in 1910 the then beginning author supported the campaign called "to throw Tolstoy, Dostoevsky and Pushkin from the modern ship". With such an idol you can not write badly, do you? By the way, Vladimir Vladimirovich even has a poem dedicated to the sun of Russian poetry - "Jubilee", in which he allegedly conducts a dialogue with his teacher.

Passport Mayakovsky verse

If the beginning of the poet's work is attributed more to(he had not yet had time to experience all the influence of the militant futurism in those days), then already in later collections his genius is so bright that the young poet is no longer considered to be in the framework of cubo-faturism, much more protestative in form, and behind them - it gradually becomes the model of a new movement. Moreover, he actively works in such areas as dramaturgy, cinematography (both acting and directing) - very few people know about these pages of the life of Iron. True, Mayakovsky's poems, which are easy to learn, almost stopped writing during this period: for not clear reasons, the bright images of his lyrics were drowned in the routine of the lines surrounding them. We can say that the twenties are associated with a kind of crisis in the poet's work.


Many perceive it solely as an authorlyric poetry, glorifying the Soviet Union in all its manifestations. That there is only one "Passport": Mayakovsky made this verse the most real anthem of the society of that time, moreover, for many long years in schools, when studying the poet's work, this poem was memorized by heart. One of his lines, "I get out of wide trousers", went to the people, becoming almost the most quoted in Russian literature, being defeated in dozens of aphorisms and densely imprinted in the minds of people. Moreover, most of the lyrics for children, for example, "Who to be," "Horse Fire," "What is good and what is bad," is also imbued with revolutionary motives. But very few people know that the poet was not at odds with the Communist Party: he left it in the first decade of the twentieth century, when, after another arrest for his enthusiasm for the ideas of the Social-Democratic Labor Party, he was released on bail of the mother. Therefore, the fact that so much for the power of the Soviets made non-partisan, that is, who was then not considered a person, is really amazing. Perhaps we can say that relations with the authorities at Mayakovsky were not bad, despite the ongoing efforts to evaluate his lyrics in an attempt to remove revolutionary motives from it.

Mayakovsky poems for children


Many of their favorite poems by Mayakovsky are related tohis love of Lilya Brik - a woman who had a tremendous influence on the formation of both the literary and social image of the poet. The most famous "Instead of a letter", "Listen", "I love" allowed the reader to see a new lyrics, submissively bowing his head before a beloved woman. It is believed that it was Brik who inspired Vladimir Vladimirovich on these works.

favorite poems of the Mayakovsky

To say, she was the blessing of Iron orhis curse, it is impossible, it is important to understand that it was thanks to her that Vladimir Vladimirovich could live the years allotted to him in the heat of passion and constant struggle, and not humility, which definitely would destroy his talent and would in no way create poems about which one can say: Mayakovsky. Poems that are easy to learn. "

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