/ How to choose the perfect lace wedding dresses?

How to choose the perfect lace wedding dresses?

The very first lace wedding dresses appeareda long time ago. Even in the far sixteenth century, Anna Breton became the first girl to wear such a wedding and struck beauty of the entire upper world. Then through the centuries revived the fashion for lace wedding dresses Queen Victoria. At all times, lace was valued very expensive, and not every bride could afford them. Lace dress was considered a sign of prosperity and luxury. And to this day many brides choose clothes from this material. Remember how beautiful were the monarchy brides Grace Kelly and Kate Middleton at the ceremonies of their marriage! But they gave preference to the delicate refinement of lace.

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The perfect wedding dress

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According to famous designers, lace isa wonderful material for creating an exquisite masterpiece, the dreams of each bride. It will look great regardless of whether you chose elegant classics or expressive modernity. Wedding dresses, the lace of which looks like an airy foam at the feet of Aphrodite, will give you divine lightness. Fashion designers around the world create exclusive lace dresses, using all sorts of combinations of fabrics, threads and ornaments, but mostly adhere to conservative styles and colors. The main trend of this year is the "Cinderella Ball Gown" of white color or ivory shade, to the extent of embroidered with beads and braid. However, there are also such brides who want to look "not like everyone else". For them, the designers offered very interesting solutions, harmoniously combining the puritanical classics and unobtrusive originality.

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Add-ons and accessories

Do not forget that wedding dresses,lace in particular, are pretty self-sufficient, so overdo it with decorations is not worth it. You do not want to be like a doll on your own wedding and give reason to guests to doubt your taste? Therefore, in any case, do not combine lace wedding dresses with jackets and accessories of the same material. If you decide to emphasize the sophistication of your outfit, then choose as the basis an atlas. This combination will look appropriate and very elegant. In order to look presentable in a lace dress, you must observe a balance. Lace is a very sensual and frank material, so you need to pay attention to the fact that the style was rather restrained. Lace wedding dresses with too deep neckline, too short skirt or a high cut - to the hip - will look tasteless and even vulgar. To complement such a dress with large jewelry or even cheaper costume jewelry is not worth it. Remember that lace is an aristocratic material. The maximum that you can afford with this dress is a thin chain of precious metal, neat earrings and a delicate bracelet. You can also wear a string of pearls: it will look a little old-fashioned, but still appropriate.

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