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How to like a guy by correspondence - tips and rules

The way of dating on the Internet has long ceasedbe unusual - according to statistics, almost one-third of new acquaintances did it on the network. Dating sites today a lot. Specialized dating sites, chat rooms, forums - in short, there is no such place in the network where there would be no opportunity to get acquainted and start a correspondence. However, getting acquainted is only half the battle. How to like a guy by correspondence - that's the question that all the girls ask themselves, who met in the network with the person they liked.

how to like a guy by correspondence
The first rule that a girl should remember: do not cheat. Sooner or later the lie will be obvious. And if this person turns out to be a favorite for a girl, it will be harder to admit to untruth with each passing day. Do not lie, and enjoy your right not to answer questions that are unacceptable.

The second important rule is to be literate. It's no secret that often even a very nice and nice looking girl falls into the category of outsiders, if she writes with errors. Currently, the network has a lot of opportunities to check and, if necessary, fix the original text - text editors and spelling check sites will come to the aid of everyone.

Rule number three: Do not ask stupid and intimate questions if the term of dating is very small. You can not ask about the size of wages, personal preferences in sex, former passions, if the acquaintance was held only recently. Questions for the guys in the correspondence should have a character

how to fall in love with a guy by correspondence
Do not be light and not aim. The time will come, and even the most secretive young man will want to tell the girl about his secrets or preferences. No girl will question how to like a guy by correspondence, if he unambiguously stated his unwillingness to communicate more.

The fourth rule follows from this: respect the wishes of the other. Do not insist on what is unpleasant to the interlocutor. Also, you do not need to be persistent and think about how to fall in love with a guy by correspondence, if the communication on the network is exactly one week. This is too short a time to proceed to attack. Moreover, many men in a wonderful way feel the mood and emotions of their counterparts, and can not tolerate attacks, even if it comes from a charming girl.

Rule number five: sincerely show interest in the interlocutor, and be interesting to him. Probably, this is the most difficult rule, because listen for hours about the firmware code or paintball, if for a girl

questions for the guys in the correspondence
The most beautiful embroidery and aerobics,very hard. However, if you want to know how to like a guy by correspondence, you should show empathy in him. Any person will be pleased if his interlocutor is sincere and attentive to his stories, if he begins to ask questions and be interested in advancing affairs, whatever that may be.

The sixth postulate is very simple: know how to make decisions. If the guy by correspondence turned out to be not who you need, you should not warm up his interest and prolong the virtual relationship. Honesty is even more relevant than ever. The fruitless hopes of one without the support of the other are painful and unpleasant. It is unlikely that any girl would like her friend by correspondence to communicate with her only because of unwillingness to offend. It is more honest to interrupt the correspondence if it does not suit one of its participants in some way.

How to like the guy by correspondence? This is both easy and difficult at the same time. Do not lie, be sincere, be interested in the interlocutor, be easy in communication and not ask unnecessary questions - the answer will be his words "it's terrible to think that I once could not write to you!"

Time will pass and the question of how to like the guy by correspondence, will stop worrying about that girl who is happy.

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