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Composition "What is compassion and mercy"

In modern society such conceptsas compassion, mercy, sympathy have practically lost both their importance and their use by people in everyday life. The essay "What is compassion?" Is included in almost any school curriculum. In children, teachers want to find grains of these complex, but bright and necessary feelings in the world.

Philosophy of Compassion

What is compassion and compassion? Why are these concepts so necessary in the human world? The thing is that any person depends on the people around him. Be it a friend, brother or stranger, walking along the same road with him. It has long been proven that a person without a society can not live. He does not tolerate isolation, no matter how much he was attracted to this idea. Why is that? It would seem that the ideal life in some alienated place, where there is no noise, no annoying neighbors, there is nothing.

What is compassion?
What is compassion? The definition can be expressed through the situation: a person alone, for example, will break his hand. And around no one. No one will help, and he himself is not able to provide himself with the first medical aid or take the necessary measures for healing hands. In the district there is no person who will show mercy and extend a helping hand. Based on the above example, we can say that each of us depends on the other. We are a single system, with a single segment falling out of it, there is a huge failure, even if we do not notice it.

When a child writes an essay "Mercy andcompassion ", he certainly will first of all decide to mention the people's mutual help. From the earliest childhood we know that it is impossible to live without parents, and without doctors it is impossible to recover. This is a simple philosophy of the inviolability of the system of human society, which, unfortunately, is changing in our day not for the better with great speed. And we destroy it ourselves.

what is compassion

What's happening?

What is compassion?"Does not exclude the term" misanthropy ", because it is because of this phenomenon of compassion in people is not left. Each person considers it his duty to close from others and not pay attention to what is happening around. Propaganda of this phenomenon is actively on the Internet. People, without noticing this, become closed and stiff, taking this for normal behavior.

Charity and compassion in antiquity

Ancient historians told us that Pythagorasbought fish from local fishermen and threw them back into the sea. People laughed at him, but he argued that by saving fish from the nets, it thus saves people from slavery. Indeed, all living things are connected by strong threads of causality: each of our actions, like a booming echo, rolls through the space of the universe, causing these or other consequences.

what is pity and compassion

What is pity and compassion in our society?

"Pity is our treasure," Fedor wrote.Mikhailovich Dostoyevsky. After all, if people stop feeling sorry for the weak and needing help, then the world around us will simply become stale, wither, become depraved and sterile. Help, comfort, support - and the world will become a little kinder.

But, unfortunately, at the present time, pity andcompassion for many do not mean anything. A person is so selfish, self-centered, that pity is beyond his comprehension. Such a person will calmly watch the sufferings of another person, will not offer help, will pass by. "Not with me, and it's okay," "My hut with the edge" - these are his mottos for life.

what is sympathy and compassion

Spiritually, our society is rotten to the ground. We do not know how to sympathize, worry for loved ones, we do not know how to forgive. Alien grief is not our business at all.

To sacrifice yourself for others, indeed,not everyone is ready. Only a truly kind and merciful person is able to show pity and extend a helping hand. Love for one's neighbor and mercy are the main problems that affect many famous writers in their works.

Compassion in the literature

The essay "What is compassion?", Which students write in literature lessons, should contain examples of stories, novels in which it is described.

So, in Andreev's story "Kusaka" twoopposite beginnings. The first of them - people who beat a stray dog, threw stones at it, laughed and drove to utter madness. Kusaka is now afraid of people who do not have a drop of pity. Another is the family who sheltered the embittered dog. People could see a kind heart behind a bristling face and gave the animal hope that not all people have lost their pity. "Kusak" can be taken as a basis to write a good composition. Charity and compassion in it are revealed to the fullest. In the story, the author shows us what we should be like. This family is a stronghold of humanity and kindness. What is compassion? The definition is behind the lines describing the act of generous people towards the dog.

compassion and compassion

Charity in the literature

A. Vladimirov tells the story of his hero. Shepherd Nikolai Savushkin had a sick daughter. She was very ill for the third year and was in pain in the body. Once, when he saw the antelope in the steppe, Savushkin realized that this was his only chance to help his daughter, because antelope horns could be used as a saving medicine. Savushkin with a gun decides to go into the ravine in search of the beast, but hunting did not bring him the desired prey, because next to the antelope Savushkin saw her cub. The shepherd could not shoot, because he understood that for the antelope this cub is as close and dear as a daughter to him. He could not kill the parent and leave the child to perish in this cruel world.

Charity is one of the most important pledgessurvival of mankind as a species. But to have such a high feeling is given, alas, not to everyone. Kindness of soul, pity, compassion are laid in the person from the very childhood, including on the personal example of parents. The formation of these qualities is also influenced by society, people around them, friends.

What is compassion? Composition-reasoning, based on Andreev's story or Vladimir Vladimirov's story, will help to find the answer to this question.

What to do?

Quite a legitimate question: "What should I do?". Having lost compassion and compassion, we can not exist. Being alone in modern society is impossible, because we are aimed at a peaceful life, not a cruel survival.

What is compassion?"Appeared in the school program is not accidental. In children they bring up the main qualities: to be kind, merciful, to help one's neighbor, not to be indifferent to what is happening. In their hearts, they grow an aversion to brutality and loneliness. Every person from childhood should feel part of a large mechanism that will stop working if at least one part fails.

what is compassionate determination


What is compassion? Composition-reasoning on this subject should reveal the deep meaning of the most important feeling for both the writer and the reader. This reasoning must go from the heart with reliance on the life and reader experience. There is no point in mechanically rewriting other people's thoughts. So we will not learn to feel, compassion, or pity. Remember that once we pass by indifferently, we do not do anything good. After all, once to us in a difficult moment, too, will not show sympathy.

Charity should be in everyone. Not only to our four-legged friends, because they are defenseless in their origin, but also to the people around us. Without charity and compassion, we are doomed to turn into two-legged beasts of prey.

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