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Who are they, the generalissimo of Russia?

The word "generalissimo" is translated from Latin as"foremost". The military rank of Generalissimo appeared in France in the middle of the 16th century. In Russia, he introduced the young Peter I, it was used first for fun and amusing wars. The first generalissimo of Russia is Fedor Romodanovsky and Ivan Baturin. F.Yu. Romodanovsky later performed the duties of the prince-Caesar during Peter the Great's journey through Europe.

In the generalissimo of Russia was built AS. Shein, A.D. Menshikov, Prince Anton Ulrich of Braunschweig and A.V. Suvorov.

I must say that this title was not originallywas in itself of any serious nature. A.S. Shane received this rank from Peter I during the war with the Swedes, which began for him unsuccessfully. He was captured, covering the retreat of the Russian troops. A.S. Shane was exchanged for Swedish officers. He commanded Semenovsky and Preobrazhensky regiments - the pride of the emperor. They distinguished themselves in the battle of Azov. When A.S. Shane was appointed commander-in-chief, Russian troops managed to finally take Azov, for which he received in 1696 the rank of generalissimo. He died in 1700.

generalissimo of Russia
The subsequent Generalissimo of Russia this rankreceived not for military merit, but for reasons of a formal protocol. HELL. Menshikov received this rank in 1727, because his daughter was betrothed to Peter II (so that he ranked in accordance with the emperor). But Peter II died, and A.D. Menshikov fell into disfavor, lost all rank and was exiled to Tobolsk province, where he died in 1729.

A similar story happened with Prince AntonUlrich of Braunschweig. He received the rank of Generalissimo only because he was the father of the young Emperor John VI, in 1740. A year after Elizabeth I ascended the throne, the prince was stripped of his ranks and exiled to Kholmogory. He lived there for a long time, died in 1774.

generalissimo Suvorov
And only AV. Suvorov received the rank of generalissimo fully deservedly. He was born in 1730. He began to serve as an ordinary Semenov regiment from the age of 13. During his military career, he won 60 battles, not losing one. The most famous battles were the following: the capture of Ishmael in 1790 and the Italian and Swiss campaigns in 1799, for which A.V. Suvorov and received the rank of Generalissimo. Palace and political intrigues undermined his health, in 1800 he died. Generalissimo Suvorov was endowed with a bright talent commander and rightfully takes a worthy place in Russian history.

generalissimo of the USSR
After A.V. Suvorov generalissimo Russia ended. The rank was not awarded to anyone. The Generalissimo of the USSR appeared almost 150 years later. This title was awarded June 26, 1945 IV. To Stalin. According to historians, Stalin refused him, he was indifferent to ranks and rewards. Convinced Stalin was the generalissimo general K.K. Rokossovsky.

Analyzing historical facts, loomsa strange pattern. All the generalissimo of Russia after receiving this title almost immediately or for a short time fell into disgrace and soon died. Only I.V. Stalin remained in this rank for 8 years. It existed until 1993, but it was no longer appropriated to anyone.

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