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Zhanna Bolotova: biography, personal life, children

Beauty-actress Zhanna Bolotova, biographywhich will be described below, conquered the hearts of not only the audience, but also the men who surrounded it. Her huge blue eyes tightened like a whirlpool, golden hair dazzled, subdued grace and smooth movements. Everything in her breathed harmony.

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Childhood and youth

Jeanne was born in the cold November terrible 1941year in Siberia, in the resort of Karachi. Father fought and received a high award - Hero of the Soviet Union. My daughter was nursed by her mother, Zinaida Yuryevna, and my grandmother, who taught her to read well. In five years Zhannochka already read "Eugene Onegin". And when she was sixteen, the schoolgirl was invited by two famous directors to appear in the film "The House I Live In". At this time the family has already moved to Moscow.

The role played by Jeanne, she failed. The debut was successful. And then my father worked as attaché at the Czechoslovak Embassy, ​​where he was moved by his wife and daughter. At 23, a young girl entered the VGIK. Bohemian artistic life and intense study picked up and carried the novice actress. Zhanna Bolotova, whose biography has changed, will become a recognizable person from the home girl, who plays a lot in the cinema.

Studying at the Institute of Cinematography

S. Gerasimov and his wife became teachers of Jeanne. In the second year she appeared in the episode of the film of her teacher "People and Beasts". The following year she was invited to the main role in the melodrama "If You Are Right".

On the course together with her the future stars of our cinema studied: Sergey Nikonenko, Evgeny Zharikov, Galina Polsky, Larisa Luzhina, Nikolay Gubenko.

Working in a movie

From 1965 to 1977, the shootingcontinue without interruptions and downtime. For the audience, the actress was remembered in many films: "Journalist", Detective "Destiny of Resident", "The Flight of Mr. McKinley" (Zh. Bolotova became State Prize laureate) and not only. In the intervals between work in the cinema Zh. Bolotova played on the stage of the Theater-Studio of the actor. The roles she performed were very much in line with her appearance and spiritual qualities. On the screen she was feminine, intelligent, tender and graceful.

Love and passion

Zhanna Bolotova (biography shows this)lived like an ordinary girl, not only work. She was very fond of the young Kolya Gubenko. Jeanne did not remain indifferent, although the environment from which they occurred was different. Jeanne is the daughter of a diplomat. She lived in a splendid apartment on the Frunzenskaya Embankment. Koli's childhood was tragic. Father died in battle, Kolya was born in the catacombs of Odessa. Mother invaders hung. The orphanage grew up in a boarding school and only after his graduation moved to Moscow.

In addition to him, Zhanna was courted by BulatOkudzhava, who returned to his native Moscow from Kaluga. He dedicated 4 young songs to a freshman. Including the "Little Woman". The height of Jeanne was really small - 165 cm. Gubenko was terribly jealous, but Jeanne consoled him by the fact that Bulat Shalvovich for her does not fit the age and, in general, not in her taste. But she was tired of trying to dissuade the ardent Nicholas. And then Zhanna Bolotova turns around. Biography, personal life, she is associated with another man. It was a surprise for her.

Brief love

During this time Zhanna was courted by Nikolai Dvigubsky.

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He grew up in Paris and was born into a Russian familyemigrants. His cousin was Marina Vlady. Parisian looked and behaved differently than Russian young people. An exquisite esthete, who studied at the art director, immediately drew attention to Jeanne. But I met her not just in the corridor, but through Andron Konchalovsky. Dvigubsky asked his friend to invite Jeanne to a party. He quickly confessed his feelings, gallantly and aristocraticly courting. Two months later they were married. And what did Nikolai Gubenko do at that time? He was worried, but the wedge was knocked out with a wedge.

Love triangle

Gubenko is a substantial and deep person. In Russian, reckless, he for a while was carried away by Inna Ulyanova. But eventually I realized that only Jeanne lives in his heart.

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Meeting her, coming to her under the windows, he firmly assured the lady that he would do everything impossible to return it. And after all, Zhanna left Dvigubsky for her first and real love.

What did Nikolai Dvigubsky do

He married twice in Russia. First on the actress Irina Kupchenko, then became Natalia Arinbasarova's husband. They had a daughter, Katya, but this did not stop the windy, handsome Parisian from getting divorced and returning alone to France without her family.

How the life of the actress continued

Unusually lived in her youth, Zhanna Bolotova. Since that time her biography is inextricably linked with N. Gubenko. Being an actor, he acted in film and worked at the Taganka Theater. In parallel, he wrote scripts, made films, staged performances.

Joint life after marriage

They were destined to each other fate,beautiful and talented. Coming to the theater for rehearsals, Jeanne never made any comments and behaved extremely delicately. Her husband filmed it in his films. "The actress," as the spouse affectionately calls Jeanne, did not consider herself a beauty.

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Modest, intelligent Zhanna Bolotova, biography, whose personal career lined up with a constant and constant growth,was always demanding of her. Decades of marriage ran unnoticed. Do not worry about not knowing the joy of motherhood, Zhanna Bolotova. Biography (the children did not appear in it) was not marked by such an event. She looks with regret at the often abandoned children of actors who could not combine family and career. Nikolay Gubenko considers their joint life a great success, luck.

Personal qualities of Jeanne

About them the loving husband says best: deep intelligence, analytical ability, sincerity, poise, constant love of reading. At the same time she is quite an earthly woman, whose house and household are in perfect order. She perfectly prepares and taught her husband, who in childhood had no family. Jeanne as a real Siberian can cook stunning pies with fish, apples and lemon, and mutton stew and mushroom soup are better for the husband.

In his office, Nikolai cleans himself, regularlythrows away the obsolete papers, not allowing rubbish on the table. But the whole economy is mainly for the beloved wife, since Nikolai Nikolayevich spends most of his time at work. Nikolay Gubenko and Zhanna Bolotova (biography, personal life, children are interested in many of her fans) do not regret about it. They are amazingly comfortable together. Children - a big responsibility, and with full employment of spouses, with their huge emotional load, they could not give them as much time and care as they need.

How is the spouse living now?

Since 1988, Zhanna Andreevna has taken only oneoffer to withdraw. This was the film "Blind Man", which was released in 2005. She does not play movies for two reasons. Firstly, it's age, and "redraw" your appearance and become young, as it is now generally done, does not want. Secondly, there are few, practically no scenarios worthy of the school they received with their husband.

genre of swamp biography personal life children
Therefore, the entire spring-summer season until the fall of ZhannaAndreevna conducts on the site, which appeared in them back in 1978. In the morning, after taking her husband to work, she fights up to the heat with flowers and bushes. Then he brings order to the house, so that it is most pleasant and that the husband is always drawn to a cozy and warm atmosphere, where he is expected. This is a happy, friendly family that you can only dream about.

Biography of Zhanna Bolotova has developed asmust have a decent man. Great creative successes are noted by the Motherland, the husband is a loving and caring family man who in the evening shares his worries and joys with his wife.

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