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Where did the expression "Karl" come from? The origin of the meme

That's our communication and moved toInternet spaces. In place of the usual chancellarisms and stable expressions of speech came numerous memes. Sometimes such a template is picked up, but we have no idea where it comes from. Here and now we will talk here on the Internet, on the Internet. Let's talk about the origin of one of the last popular memes - "..., Karl!".

The phrase quite recently was found everywhere, now its use has somewhat slept. So where did the expression "Karl" come from?

Greetings from fans of serials

So, who is this Karl and what did she do, that his name became so demanded as an expressive particle?

An inexperienced viewer of knowledge of history will throw ideas about some Frankish king. Who, if not Charlemagne, can conquer the world, albeit in this way? But no! It's all quite different.

So, it's time to stop harassing the seeker's answersreader and introduce the hero-bearer of this famous name. We offer to your attention the most famous series, shot on comic books: "Walking dead". Carl in it's name is a teenage boy, left with his father in a post-apocalyptic world full of zombies.

where did the expression carl come from

We are sure that those to whom this serial filma sign not by hearsay, have never been in the ranks of ignorant people. But the rest of us will further tell you which scene from the series will give an exhaustive answer to the question, where did the expression "Karl!" Come from.

Description of the context of the appearance of a phrase

The search for the sources of the known meme leads tothird season of "Walking Dead". At the end of the fourth series, perhaps one of the most tragic in the history of the story, a scene takes place between the main character, sheriff Rick Grimes, and his son Carl.

For reference: before this, the shelter of healthy people, to which our heroes belong, was destroyed. The wife of the sheriff begins labor, after which she does not survive. The witness of death is Karl, and with this news he stands before his father.


So, the scene: silent, grief-stricken boy, a man who understands the eloquent expression of his son's face with tragedy. Then the scene takes on a dramatic development: screaming and grabbing the head of Rick Grimes on the ground, and Charles still stands in a stupor, just heartbroken. At the end of his desperate, overflowing with pains of exclamations, a man pronounces the name of his son several times. So it all started.

Since the premiere of this scene (November 2012), some time passed, while the phrase became a meme. Now you can tell your friends yourself where the expression "Karl!" Came from.

History of the development of the phrase

First the phrase "Karl!" tried to popularize with the video clip the scenes of the conversation between father and son. But this option for some reason did not receive special distribution.

which means the expression carl

Then the fans started joking about different topics from"Walking dead", including playing a visual dramatic scene in your own humor. With this mood, a collection of the best expressions of Rick Grimes was published in 2013. Fans were not too lazy at the selection of the best material, among which there were many photos of this scene with various options for dialogue.

"Shot" phrase only in 2015, when inthe city of Stavropol on Shrovetide local chefs intend to bake a three-meter pancake. The dishes were never seen by the visitors, but the pieces of the failed pancake were distributed. "Damn they gave people shovels, Shovels, Karl!" - and asks from the language.

Phrase Value

We already learned where, when and in what context the name of Karl was pronounced, got acquainted with the series, which became the "parent" of this meme. So what does the expression "Karl!" Mean?

In the scene from the series Rick Grimes after the woefulmonologue with special expression repeats one of his phrases to his son, in the end, giving his name. The verbal formula of the meme was formed in this form: saying, repetition of the most active element of the phrase with enhanced expression, ubiquitous "..., Karl!".

where did the expression Karl come from?

Frequent use of the formula of a meme

So we know where the expression "..., Karl! "Now, most often there is a picture-comic (based on a photo from the series) with the father and son, where the latter complains about something, and the father answers it.Often the father's reply says that it was worse before, Charles!

How many national nostalgic momentsmemo-creativity has fixed in pictures-memah with Rick and Karl! And as instead of phones, children used to take glasses connected with a thread, and about how they put films for the whole night on the download, and how they went in the summer to weed potatoes on the garden instead of the sea.


So, now we know where the expression came from"Karl!", One of the popular memes on the Internet. It turned out that this kind of hello sends us a highly action-packed series "Walking Dead". It is in the third season of the series that we are started to search for the origins of the meme, and not to the story, where one might think that this is how Charlemagne is mentioned, for example. Although now the decline in the popularity of the phrase, the humor inherent in it, does not leave us.

We wish you a good mood and a pleasant pastime! Pleasant, Carl!

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