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Captain Obvious: where did it come from and who is it?

Now very many people use the phrase "Captain Obviousness". Where did this expression come from? Let's try to understand this complicated matter.


So, it would seem, it will take a very long time to digin philosophy and logic, to understand how the expression "Captain Obviousness" came to the modern world. Where did it come from, you ask, waiting for a long talk on what is obvious to modern man. But no, we will not philosophize. Instead, let's plunge into the world .... superheroes!

captain of the evidence

The thing is that Captain Obviousness, pictureswith the image of which you can see - it's a superhero of American comics. He does not give advice, but answers the questions. With all this adding at the end of the sentence "So-so!" The Captain's face is hidden by a mask, and on the black suit the letter "O" flaunts, which means "Evidence." So, after it became clear who Captain Obviousness is, where the expression came from, let's talk with you about what this friend forgot in Russia.

The trouble has come ...

But in America everything is not the same as in Russia. Americans have slightly different views on life and heroes. What is good for an American, for a Russian can be a complete absurdity. After the question of whether Captain Evidence from where it was, left behind, it is worth mentioning what this person personifies in Russia.

The thing is that the world is constantly and continuouslydevelops. But people surrounded by solid machines, which all do for them, are mostly stupid. So there were Internet trolls. These are people who silly joke and offend other users. It was they who altered the meaning of the phrase "Captain Obviousness". Where did this character come from, it does not matter. The main thing is that it began to denote. Let's try to figure it out.

Warped meaning

Naturally, in Russia much foreignis altered and adapted "to the people". But here is a superhero that helps different beginners, named "Captain Obviousness", pictures of which can be found everywhere and everywhere, became a real laughingstock. Internet trolls decided to use it as an object for their mockery. So, the hero began to personify those people who say the obvious things.

captain evidence

In fact, it may seem that nothingoffensive in this phrase is not. However, if you hear it in your address (especially from modern schoolchildren, who quickly absorb a new stream of stupid information), then for sure you will become somewhat insulting. In truth, Captain Obviousness can be called a stupid person who speaks for already understandable things.


So, you know who Captain Obvious is, where the expression came from. It's time to talk with you about the modifications that this expression has.

The thing is that in Russia many people"Captain" is associated more with a military rank, and not with a superhero. So sometimes you can find some mutated phrases that will have the same meaning as "Captain Obviousness". What can you see / hear?

So, if you saw on the Internetthe expression "Major Evidence" or "General Evidence", then you do not need to find out what these phrases mean. The thing is that this is simply a Russian modification of the name of the American superhero.

 captain is the evidence from where

In addition, Internet users are oftencan use the phrase: "Thank you, Cap!". This also applies to our Captain Evidence. Thus, people demonstrate that this or that answer is obvious / understandable. Anyway, if you were suddenly told something like "Thank you, Captain!", You can be sure, your 5 kopecks were better and not put into this or that conversation.

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