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Seven popular options for how to answer the question: "What are you doing?"

Most people, after hearing this question,are irritated. Why? Of course, not because they do not know how to respond at all. To the question: "What are you doing?" - there is always some answer, but it's not embarrassing. Whatever you are doing at this moment, someone's curiosity is taken by surprise. How should a man be brought up? Give a detailed account, joke or cool to hint, say, it does not concern anyone?

Russian question what to do

Why is he being asked?

Before learning how to answer the question "whatdo it, "think about why people ask it. If this is a telephone conversation, the interlocutor may be interested in what you are doing at the moment, in order to find out whether it is convenient to say now, how much time you can give him, etc. Then there is no difficulty in how to answer the question "what you do. " You can share with a person what you are really doing at the moment: reading, watching a movie, surfing the Internet or just lazing around. Or say, they say, at the moment is very busy and you can not talk. And if the call is welcome, you can safely say: you are looking forward to it.

However, in most cases this issue does notin itself a special meaning and is only a way to start a conversation. The English, for example, the phrase: "How are you?" ("How are you?") - means a greeting and does not involve any explanation. If you suddenly begin to describe in detail the interlocutor of the case, which you are engaged in, he, most likely, will break you in mid-sentence, because he did not intend to listen to a lengthy confession. How to answer the question "what are you doing" in this case?

Beat the blow

The most popular answer is: "Nothing special. And then? "And then the interlocutor either gets off with a couple of minor phrases and goes to the main thing, for which, in fact, and started a dialogue, or begins to talk about their affairs in detail. Maybe he called (wrote in the chat) just to speak out, pour out the soul?

 the answer to the question what are you doing

Apply irony

Answer number two for frequency of use: "I'm talking to you," or "You will not believe it, but I'm sitting on VKontakte" (or in another social network where this question was asked). This is enough to support the dialogue. At the same time, you can hint that you are not a fan of formal questions. And it's quite certain - this person will never ask such a question again if you answer that you keep statistics of how many people per day asked you what you do and how you are doing.

Laughter is the best medicine

The third common answer to the question: "What are you doing?" - a joke. It can be neutral, kind or somewhat offensive. The interlocutor who understands humor can say that you save the world, you hunt in the kitchen for wild cockroaches, grow your hair, reflect on the meaning of life, etc. You can laugh it off like this: "I think how to rob a jewelry store. Are you with me?"

how to answer the question what are you doing

Let me understand that you do not want to discuss this

The fourth way to discourage the willing to ask tactlessquestions are a counter-question: "Why do you ask?"; "Why do you need this information, how will you use it?" After such a persistent interrogation, it will come time to be embarrassed by the interlocutor.

The fifth option is to ignore the inconvenient question. If it was sounded right after the greeting, then it is enough just to welcome in response. If you have already said hello, and the vis-a-vis asks about the affairs, you can safely transfer the conversation to another channel - to share the news, to ask about the specific details of the life of the interlocutor and so on.

Revocation number six - evaluate the "originality" of the question: "Great question! Ask how the world is saved! "

The seventh option is to demonstrate a violent emotional reaction in response. You can imitate shock, shock: "I can not believe you're asking me this!"

Depth of issue

Absolutely clear: the famous Russian question "what to do" and the annoying welcome phrase "what are you doing" are neither semantically nor philosophically related. The winged question "what to do" was disturbed by the best domestic minds and hearts, dreaming of universal justice, truth and kindness. Nikolai Gavrilovich Chernyshevsky, who put him in the title of his work, did not expect that for remote descendants in the twenty-first century this problem will not be solved.

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