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Ring with a stone as a symbol of love and fidelity

Each girl secretly or visibly dreams of marrying and from the very childhood dreams of the notorious prince on a white horse who will necessarily take her to her fairy-tale country.

ring with stone
However, if your veins do not flow royalblood, and a fairy castle by the sea you have not purchased, it does not mean that you can not create for your beloved romantic fairy tale even for one evening.

"Roman with a stone"

Try to give her a magic ring with a stoneAs a symbol of your love and loyalty. You will see how her eyes gleam, how the sparkles of a brilliant emerald or noble diamond will reflect in them. However, deciding on this unconditionally beautiful gesture, it is worth taking into account some of the nuances correct choice of gift, to fully prove,how valuable to you is your lover, so that your ring does not introduce an imbalance in her image, so that she would carry it with pleasure, and not suffer, thinking out excuses for you, why she does not.

one-stone ring
Precious stones are excellent, but is it enoughthat they just like it? Maybe their magical properties matter? In what metal are they fixed? And, in the end, will a lady of your heart suit a ring with a blue stone, or, perhaps, she will prefer a blue one?

What to look for when choosing a ring

ring with blue stone

First of all, take a good look at your handyour chosen one. Remember that a massive ring with a stone can visually enlarge an already wide palm, and an elongated piece of jewelry will lengthen the thin fingers ugly. Apply the rule of opposites here.

If you do not know which metal to stop at,select gold or platinum. For today it is the most popular materials, and if you consider that your other half will wear a ring every day, it should be separately noted that platinum has the greatest strength.

ring with stone

It is important to determine the nature of the decoration - it will be simple an engagement ring with one stone or a complex decoration with a scattering of minerals.

The fairy tale you've given will be even moreMagic, if you supplement it with a legend. For example, you can say that now your princess will be lucky to wear a ring with a stone that has some magical power. For example, the emerald promises happy love, chalcedony - tenderness, topaz - strong friendship, and carnelian - a faithful and happy conjugal union.

ring with stone

Think of how to donate a ringlet

If you decide to present your favorite ring witha stone in the form of a wonderful surprise, it is important to determine its exact size, since it will be very difficult to increase or decrease it later. For this there is one simple way: take the ring of your girl from the finger on which you plan to put on your own, make a mold on a plasticine or a piece of soap and jog to the jewelry shop!

Variants of how to present the originala gift to your lover, there are many. Domodedinka can detect it in breakfast, romantic nature - in a balloon, an extreme lover can give a ring during a parachute jump. And, of course, not one girl will be left indifferent by the classical stand on one knee, the main thing is the effect of surprise!

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