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Spirit of freedom: Lacoste sneakers

In modern society, sneakers are not just one of theattributes of the athlete. These are shoes that men, women, children put on. Sneakers Lacoste - the brainchild of the French company of the same name, created by tennis player René Lacoste in the 30s of the XX century.

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Green crocodile - an integral part of the product- It is known practically all over the world. Keds are at the peak of popularity for more than one season, after all, white shoes are always relevant, emphasizing the style and spirit of freedom.

White sneakers

White sneakers Lacoste - a classic, not out of fashion. Shoes are made of different materials:

  • leather - mostly high models, perfectly combined with jeans, tucked inside the product;
  • suede - a popular model, but requiring quality care;
  • textiles - light and practical products, a variant of the spring-summer season.

Shoes of the French brand are made ofquality materials. The inner liner and insole are textiles that ensure a constant air exchange and maintain the optimum temperature. Steps in sneakers do not overheat and do not sweat. The sole of the models is made of rubberized material.

Both low and high models are produced.

What to wear to a man

White Lacoste sneakers will make a tandem with straight or narrowed jeans of a darker shade. In warm weather, you can wear cotton trousers. Also, shoes are suitable for shorts up to the knee.

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The image can be supplemented with a white or light pullover, a polo shirt with a vest.

From the outer clothing, leather products are combined with quilted coats. Light jackets from denim or cotton make up an ensemble of suede or textile shoes.

What to wear to a woman? Reviews

Lacoste shoes - this is confirmed by the girlscan be combined with any clothing, from dress to pants. White shoes look with trousers or jeans of different shades, shorts, vest. This image is suitable for a trip to the sea.

Products will be a pair of leggings and a short T-shirt or T-shirt. The image will be complemented by a light windbreaker or an elongated pullover.

sneakers lacoste

Lacoste textile shoes are combined with casual dresses with a fitted or loose cut. Addition - the use of accessories: jewelry from the skin, light scarf, three-dimensional bag.

A suede model can be worn with a more strict toilet: a straight or narrowed skirt or trousers. Harmony will bring a classic shirt, polo shirt.

Leather shoes are worn with jeans, sweaters, elongated cut, sports jackets.

White sneakers are suitable for traveling, walking aroundcity, but not in slush. In this case, the products are perfectly combined with both sportswear, and with elements of the everyday wardrobe. Reviews of Lacoste sneakers are only positive, because it's quality and stylish shoes.

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