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Vacancy "coordinator" Avon ": duties and salaries

The realities of our life are made increasinglythink about looking for additional and, worse, the main source of income. And here in this difficult time everyone somehow faces network marketing.

Myth of the Nineties

Oh, these networkers from the nineties who, themselvesplainly not understanding what they are doing, in the pursuit of livelihoods, they are firmly entrenched in the consciousness of our citizens, that marketing is bad. And meanwhile we have already learned many terms of foreign origin, and network marketing does not scare us, as before. We easily purchase products on colorful catalogs from our colleagues or neighbors and are quite satisfied with the quality of service.

eivon coordinator advantages and responsibilities

Today, the network market offers us the mosta variety of goods, but perhaps the most widely known brands are perfume and cosmetics brands. Who does not know "Avon", "Oriflame", "Mary Kay" today? These brands are now as well known to our customers as the "New Dawn" was known. However, these companies offer us today not only quality products, but also provide an opportunity to generate income. One of the vacancies offered by the company is the coordinator of Avon. The duties and wages of the coordinator are stipulated by the contract of cooperation.

Can I make money in network marketing?

The company "Avon" came to Russia in 1995together with a rich selection of fairly affordable funds. Not spoiled Russian customers immediately loved the products of this brand, colorful magazines, small samplers.
However, not at once to our compatriotsmanaged to figure out that, in addition to perfumery and cosmetic abundance, "Avon" is also stability, and confidence in the future. And it's not just an instant profit on the difference between the prices in the catalog and the prices of the registered distributor. Much later, we learned that network companies can still pay salaries to particularly active representatives.

eiwon coordinator duties and salary reviews

Who works at Avon?

First, the information on the position of the coordinator in"Avon" simply was not perceived in the post-Soviet space. It was an alien concept. Without really understanding who managers and distributors were, women were not interested in coordinators of overseas corporations.

However, information on how to earn money slowlyspread and penetrated into the minds of enterprising citizens. Very soon they began to understand who the coordinator of Avon was, the duties and wages were and are more than attractive.

Today the coordinator of Avon is a successfula person who independently plans his business activity, and with it his income. And most importantly, the company supports and generously rewards its partners.

Who is the coordinator?

In fact, the coordinator is the leader whoinvites new representatives to cooperate, trains them, helps them to find new customers and, accordingly, to increase sales. So, the coordinator is the head of the registered distributors of the company, who has a certain responsibility for the work of his subordinates.

duties and wages of the coordinator of avon
The duties and wages of the Avon coordinator are established by the contract of the permanent buyer and directly depend on the performance of his group.

How to become a coordinator?

The coordinator of Avon can be anyan adult citizen of Russia who has leadership qualities, is ready for responsibility and, of course, for personal growth. Experience of communication and personal organizational skills should also have a professional coordinator "Avon".

Duties and wages are made up ofthe ability to sell the product and explain the benefits of such work to the members of the coordinator's personal group. To sell goods, which is necessary and known to the buyer, is quite simple. It is necessary only in time to inform the consumer about new products and profitable offers from the company. The desire to increase the team of successful consultants makes it possible to increase your income.

information on the post of coordinator in the EVON
So gradually gained popularity amongwomen is not clear before the vacancy "Coordinator" Avon. "The advantages and responsibilities are also in the fact that the coordinator himself plans his business activity.The more meetings and events are organized, the greater the team.The more the team, the higher the volume of products sold, and from here the income of the coordinator directly depends.

Avon Coordinator: duties and salaries

Feedback from buyers who over and over againreturn for a new catalog, loved by the products, speak for themselves. Today our consumers no longer run from networkers, but are interested in the benefits of cooperation. As a result of registered representatives of the company every day becomes more and more.

coordinator of an avion of duty and wages

The company supports its partners andorganizes charity events. So, already a year in Moscow, the march "Together Against Breast Cancer" is taking place, in which registered users, stars, entertainers, movies and television are taking part, just everyone. Such events significantly increase the company's rating and, accordingly, its credibility.

And this already suggests that network marketinghas firmly entered our life. We did not just stop being afraid of foreign terms, we, having understood the intricacies of building our own business, choose independence, business activity and financial freedom.

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