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How to reduce the scale of the screen?

Often, beginners havesuch question: how to reduce the scale of the screen? This can be due to both the operating system itself and its various applications. In the first case, you need to perform one manipulation, and in applications you will need a few others. Most users use this successfully, but do not always know all the possible ways to solve such a problem.

In the operating system

Image scale on the operating tablesystems can be changed in two ways. The first is that the monitor settings are adjusted. Not a very convenient solution, because it requires certain knowledge and skill. Not every user has such a rich experience that allows you to easily solve this problem. It is much easier to make such a procedure as to reduce the scale of the screen, using the context menu. Similarly, you can zoom in and out. The following limitations are present: maximum - this is the maximum screen resolution, and at minimum - this is 640 x 480 pixels (the minimum permissible mode of VGA adapters). Now let's look at how to reduce the scale of the screen. To do this, at any unoccupied point on the desktop, we call the context menu. To do this, just press the appropriate key or right-click. In the opened list, select "Screen Resolution". A window will open, in which there will be a drop-down list with a slider. Moving the slider down, you can reduce the resolution. For changes to take effect, click "OK". And to increase it's enough to drag the slider up and save the settings change in the previously described way.

The mouse wheel.

In various applications

Now there are many applications thatsuccessfully applied while working in Windows operating systems. It is this diversity that has led to the fact that this platform is by far the most widespread in the world. Among them, you can select many browsers, text editors, graphics packages. Despite such a variety, the principles of scaling in each of them are absolutely identical. For example, by holding down the special "Ctrl" key and rotating the mouse wheel in one direction, you can enlarge the picture. But if you change direction, the image will become smaller. The second combination consists in using all the same keys "Ctrl" and "+" (to increase) or "-" (to reduce the picture). Another way is to use the scale slider. It is in the lower right corner of the screen. Dragging it with the right mouse button, you can perform the same actions. But the easiest to use is a combination that includes the mouse wheel and "Ctrl". Simplicity and accessibility are its main advantages.

mouse wheel


Within the framework of this article, variousmethods of how to increase and how to reduce the scale of the screen. And there are methods for both the operating system itself and for most applications. Despite the fact that the software for this platform is quite diverse, the principles of scaling in it are identical. And this greatly simplifies the process of work. Using the recommendations in this material, you can significantly improve performance.

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