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How to limit the speed of the Internet

When you use the Internet on your homecomputer, you do not need to limit the speed of access to the network, because you use the channel yourself. But if access is used in an Internet cafe or other institution where several computers are connected through one channel, then there is a need to set a limit.

Very often the speed of Internet access inLAN depends on how much traffic each user consumes, while it is important to understand that without artificial speed limits, it is difficult to achieve a situation where everyone receives constant, uniform access. Here, before you, it may well be a legitimate question how to limit the speed of the Internet? To solve this problem, you need to make a certain adjustment. In this case, the configuration of the router or specialized software can be used.

How to limit the speed of the Internet, and that this requires

You can use the following tool set to adjust the speed limit: a special software product Tmeter, as well as a simple instruction for its use.

Since an ordinary user may find himselfit is difficult to configure the router, while there may still be negative consequences, it is better to use the programs for managing traffic in local networks. The functions of the programs for solving these problems are similar, but the variant offered here has a significant advantage - it is a free software product.

To limit the connection speed, you need toUse filtering by IP address, individual for each individual computer. You should run the Tmeter program to find all IPs in order to assign specific filters to them. In the main window you need to open sequentially such elements: "Configuration", and then "Filter set". After that, click on "Edit", which will allow a full editing of the settings file. Now we have come very close to the question of how to limit the speed of the Internet? You must create a new configuration file by clicking "Add", then go to the settings, and then check the "Master Filter" checkbox. You should check the speed limit, and then set some specific value.

In the program you can install not onlyInternet speed limit on the computer. Besides being able to change the speed of access, in this window you can find a lot of other options, allows you to impose restrictions on traffic consumed.

You can give an example of an option that allowsdisable Internet access automatically if the traffic has reached a certain number that you set. This program is very useful, but it also has some disadvantages. For example, network control requires you to constantly monitor the status of computers on the network, and the events occurring on them. However, when the administrator's computer for some reason is out of order, network control will be violated completely. It is because of this recommendation of many professionals in the matter of limiting the speed of the Internet on the computer, advised to make the settings of the router, and only then of the specialized programs. In order to make the settings of this device, you will need specialized knowledge.

You already know how to limit the speed of the Internetthrough such an accessible and uncomplicated program, it remains only to take advantage of the above recommendations. Everything has been described quite clearly, so you should not have any problems with solving this issue.

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