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Ivan Constantinovich Aivazovski. Pictures with names of sea landscapes

Artist Ivan Aivazovsky (Hovhannes Ayvazyan) -one of the greatest seascapes of all time, a poet of the water element, which left a significant mark in the history of Russian painting. "The sea is my life," expressed Aivazovsky. Pictures with names of sea open spaces fascinate the viewer with their realism. The artist is called the inimitable genius of seascapes, the author of about 6,000 paintings, many of which went to charity.

The life of an inimitable marine painter
aivazovsky paintings with names

The artist was born on July 17, 1817. in the city of Feodosia in the family of an Armenian businessman, who soon went bankrupt. City beauties of gentle banks predetermined all of its future. Childhood of the boy passed in poverty, but at a young age Ivan showed abilities in music and drawing. Initially, the future artist studied in an Armenian parish establishment, then in Simferopol Gymnasium.

In 1833 Aivazovsky became a studentPetersburg Academy of Arts, where he later studied in the landscape class at M. N. Vorobyov. The predetermining role for the artist was the arrival to the French artist F. Tanner, who possesses special skills in the representation of water. The artist noticed the talent of the young man and took him to himself, where he shared his techniques and skills.

1837 was decisive in creative activity. At that time, the name of the unique seascape-Aivazovsky often began to sound. Pictures with the names "Moonlit Night in Gurzuf" (1839) and "Sea Shore" (1840) were recognized as teachers of academies, for which the artist was awarded a medal.

Since 1840, he visited many countries, whereactively worked, and as a result became popular. After the return of Aivazovsky transferred to the main naval headquarters, and also awarded the title of academician of the Academy of Arts. Later he actively visited European countries, where he contemplated the expanses of the world and recruited new impressions.

In 1847, the artist was admitted to the ranks of honorary members of the Petersburg Academy of Arts. Throughout his life Aivazovsky opened an art school, an art gallery, held more than 120 exhibitions.

Mastery and creativity of the genius of the sea

In the work of Aivazovsky very clearly expressedmajesty and emotionality of sea battles. Perhaps it is due to the phenomenal observation of the artist, because he never painted a picture from life, but only made notes and notes. "The movements of live streams are elusive for the brush," said Aivazovsky. Pictures with the names "Chesme battle" and "The Ninth Wave", imbued with a cycle of actions, just emphasize the artist's special feature to observe, and subsequently reproduce the events.

Striking speed of work execution

The unusual nature of the artist can be traced not onlyin observance, but also in speed of execution. To perform considerable work in such a short time could only Ivan Aivazovsky. Paintings with the names "Black Sea Landscape" and "Storm" the artist created in only 2 hours, and doing the work with a kind of technique. Particularly impressive are the sea battles displayed on the canvas, the plot of which is perceived in one breath. Dramatism turns into the expression of the spiritual warmth of light, which emphasizes the unusual style. Looking at the creation of a master, you literally feel this swiftness and a whirlpool of waves. The transfer of the mood of the sea waves proceeds with a slight ambiguity of silence and fury. A powerful success of the master is still in the transfer of realism of what is happening, because only a genius can so depict the emotional composition of the sea element.

The most popular creations of the artist

During the reforms of the sixties and seventiesart flourished. This time is usually considered the flourishing of artistic culture, precisely when Aivazovsky did it. Pictures with the names "Storm at Night" (1864) and "Storm on the North Sea" (1865) are considered the most poetic. Consider two of the most famous paintings of Aivazovsky. Photos with names are presented below.

The Ninth Wave (1850)

pictures of aivazovsky photo with names

This picture the artist devoted 11 days. Initially, Nicholas I acquired work for the Hermitage. In 1897 the canvas was transferred to the State Russian Museum. The work "Clouds over the sea, calm" is also in the State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg.

"Clouds over the sea, calm" (1889)
Ivan Aivazovsky paintings with names

Looking at the sea surface, the majesty of the cloudsand airspace, we can see how multifaceted the light spectrum. Light in his works is nothing but a symbol of life, hope and eternity. We see how unique the master's creations are. This artist and to this day remains the most famous and favorite among spectators.

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