/ How to draw Patrick beautifully?

How to draw Patrick beautifully?

What kind of child does not like to watch cartoons? In addition to the classic Soviet tapes "Well, wait," "Winnie the Pooh and everything, everything, everything," "Crocodile Gena" on the screens every year there are new children's animated series. "Luntik and his friends", "Masha and the Bear" and, of course, "Sponge Bob Square Pants".

Kid is happy to follow the adventuresfunny blue-eyed Bob and his best friend Patrick. The child enthusiastically travels through the sea depths along with cheerful characters, mentally sits at a table in the restaurant "Krusti Krab", lets bubbles and enjoys candy with Patrick and Bob.


Imagine how pleased he is if yousuggest depicting your favorite heroes! For example, to begin with, show how to draw Patrick. It's still a bit easier to portray. And only then, when this character is mastered, you can move on to SpongeBob.

how to draw patricks
So, how to draw Patrick step by step. Let's try to capture this comic starfish in two hypostases - first cheerful, and then angry. But do not be afraid of it - everything is simple enough, even a child will be able to repeat such a picture. Begin…

How to draw Patrick joyful?

Arrange the landscape sheet vertically andvisually divide it into two parts. In the bottom draw a large circle - the base of the body of Patrick. Then, to the top of the circle, add three triangles with the point up and with the rounded corners. Two of them - at the edges - are the same, and the one in the middle is almost twice as large as the rest. They will depict the head and hands.

how to draw patric pencil
Now to the bottom of the circle, draw two morea small triangle of equal size, but with a point down, and also with rounded corners - legs. Next, circle the body along the contour, making it smooth. Excess lines wipe the eraser. Silhouette of the starfish is ready! The character will stand in the semi-profile. How to draw Patrick this way? It's pretty simple.

You just need to extend one of the pens, a littlestepping on his tummy, and the second hand let it rest on the belly line, without leaving it. Similarly with legs - one merged with the body, the second is crossed out by the contour of the abdomen. Plus the muzzle will be located slightly out of the center of the head. Draw close to each other two oval eyes, the far from which let it go beyond the trunk. In the middle of the eyes one black circle - this will be the pupils. Over eye organs, draw double crooks. Then add a joyfully smiling mouth, and in it - the tongue.

how to draw a patrician in stages
Now clothes - Patrick always wears green shortsin the purple flower. In the lower part of the body at a short distance from each other, draw two parallel slightly curved lines that cross the stomach from edge to edge. This will be an elastic band. Then "put on" the shorts on the legs and draw over the entire surface of the flowers. It remains to put the characteristic points on the calf, and Patrick will come to life!

How to draw Patrick discontented

Here the technique of drawing is even simpler than in the previous oneoption. So, how to draw Patrick. Pencil out something like a pear - the trunk of a star. Then in the upper part of it draw eyebrows, almost exactly converging into one line. Eyes in the form of semicircles, close to the eyebrows. The pupils look up in displeasure. The mouth is belligerently compressed and looks like an arc, whose ends are lowered down. Now draw your hands - Patrick is depicted in motion, he is like marching, so one hand is in front of the stomach, the second is behind. Fingers clenched into fists.

Final stage

Next, paint shorts in a flower on the samescheme, as in the merry Patrick. But with that account, that the feet are imprinted while walking - one of them stands still, and the second is brought up to make a step. Again, points all over the body, and voila - that's an angry Patrick is already going somewhere to find out the relationship!

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