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Konstantin Meladze: biography, personal life, creativity

Konstantin Meladze, biography and family (personallife) of which will be described in this article, was born in Georgia in May 1963. He is a composer, as well as a music producer. His brother - singer Valery Meladze.


konstantin meladze biography

In the city of Batumi, Konstantin Meladze was born. His biography is known to all fans of his music. In addition to his brother-singer, the composer has Sister Liana, who is also a music producer. To date, she manages the artists, which are produced by Constantine.

TO. Meladze, like his brother Valery, graduated from the Shipbuilding Institute. Admiral Makarov in the city of Nikolaev. As students, the brothers worked in a group called "Dialogue." It was an institute ensemble. Soloist and producer of "Dialogue" was the famous today Kim Breitburg. Hearing the recording with the performance of the Meladze brothers, in 1989 he invited them to work in his group. A year later they recorded the album. Work on its creation was held at a music studio in Germany.

In 1993, the brothers left the "Dialogue". After leaving the group, Valery and Konstantin Meladze started their solo career. The biography and family of the composer and producer are of great interest to most fans of popular music. Today Valery Meladze works solo and performs songs that his brother Constantine writes for him.

Personal life

konstantin meladze biography and family personal life

Will help to learn in full about who is thisKonstantin Meladze, biography. The personal life of the producer is not a secret. The first wife was Jan Sum. The couple were married until 2013. After parting with his wife, Constantine moved from Kiev to Moscow. From the marriage with Jana in K. Meladze three children: Leah, Valery and Alice. Despite the fact that Constantine parted with their mother, he continues to take care of them.

In autumn 2015, I registered my relationship,lasting since 2005, with Vera Brezhneva Konstantin Meladze. The biography of the new wife is known to fans of pop music. Vera was one of the soloists of the band VIA Gra, now she is engaged in a solo career. Konstantin Meladze is her producer and writes for the wife of the song.


Konstantin Meladze, whose biography was givenabove, in 2000 created a group called "VIA Gra". The co-producer of this project was Dmitry Kostyuk. The group gained great popularity in Ukraine, and then in Russia.

In 2007, Constantine was the producer of the popularshow "Star Factory" in Russia. This was the seventh edition of the TV project. Two years later, he led the third season of the "Star Factory" in Ukraine. He also produced several more musical TV shows:

  • "The voice of the country".
  • "Ukraine does not believe in tears."
  • "Vote. Children".

At the contest of young performers in Jurmala in 2012 the composer's creative evening was held. The concert was attended by more than thirty famous singers who performed his songs.

konstantin meladze biography personal life

In 2012, Konstantin Meladze was awardedthe title of Honored Artist of Ukraine. K. Meladze closed the project "VIA Gra" in 2012. And a year later a new TV project was launched on NTV channel. He was called "I want to VIA Gro". The show was a casting of international significance. It involved girls from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus. They recruited a new staff for the group VIA Gra. When the selection of girls was over, the producer decided to conduct another casting to create a male vocal group. This show was called "I want to Meladze." It also took place on the NTV channel. Another show, produced by Konstantin Meladze, is "The Main Stage."


konstantin meladze biography and family

Wonderful song writes for variousperformers, groups, and also films Konstantin Meladze. The biography (creative) of the composer is rich and diverse. He is the author of songs by such popular artists as:

  • The group "VIA Gra".
  • Verka Serdiuchka.
  • Valeria.
  • Valeriy Meladze.
  • The group "BiS".
  • Vera Brezhneva.
  • Alla Pugacheva.
  • The group "Yin-Yang".
  • Polina Gagarina.
  • The MBAND group.
  • Anastasia Prikhodko.
  • Group "Dialogue".
  • Mikhail Pedchenko.
  • The Bakhyt-Kompot group.
  • The Great Gatsby project.
  • Ani Lorak.
  • Taisiya Povaliy.
  • Christina Orbakaite.
  • Grigory Leps.
  • Sofia Rotaru and many others.

And he also composed music for the following films:

  • Film "The Irony of Fate. Continuation ».
  • The series "Thaw".
  • The musical "Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka".
  • The film "Dandies".
  • A serial film "Hold me tight".
  • Cartoon "Dunno on the Moon"
  • The musical "Sorochinskaya Fair".
  • The film "Cinderella"
  • Musical "Cinderella".
  • The film "Battle for Sevastopol".

Awards and titles

Konstantin Meladze, biography and family (personallife) of which were described in this article, in 2012 he was awarded the title of "Honored Artist of Ukraine". And also the composer and producer received a large number of awards: Producer of the Year 2007 (from the Soundtrack), Golden Star of Alla Pugacheva, Man of the Year 2007 (in Ukraine), Ovation (for their works) , "Steppe Wolf", YUNA, "Song of the Year", "The Most Beautiful Man of Ukraine-2009", RU TV. Repeatedly became the best composer of the year.

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