/ How to tie a sock with knitting needles. We knit socks on two and five knitting needles

How to tie a sock with knitting needles. We knit socks on two and five knitting needles

With the arrival of cold autumn days, whenbecomes uncomfortable with bare feet, it's time to think about the warm and soft socks. Of course, it's worth taking care of it early, buying a couple or two just in case, but buying is not the only option. After all, you can learn how to make this garment yourself. How to tie a sock with knitting needles is known by many craftsmen, it is, so to speak, a classic of the genre. Well, those who are not familiar with the mentioned technique, do not despair, because it is never too late to learn. Moreover, this process is not too complicated, it does not take much time, and the result will bring not only positive, but also warmth to your own legs, and to your relatives (of course, if you do not stop at the first pair).

knit a sock

How to knit socks with knitting needles?

Knitting patterns for this garment are known fromold times, and there is an opinion that socks and stockings were the first products that people began to knit. After all, it's not just that even the simplest pattern is called hosiery. But back to the technique. In fact, there are only two of them: knitting on five and two spokes. So, how to tie a sock with knitting needles and which technique to choose? First, you need to determine the purpose for which the product is knit, and to whom it is intended. After all, the socks can be laced and act only as a part of the image of a little lady, or they will be handed over to a loved one so that he feels care. Based on the purpose of the product, choose both yarn and knitting techniques.

Option one

knit socks on 2 spokes
To connect socks to 2 spokes is very easy. Work begins with the number of loops equal to the volume of the calf of the leg without 5 cm. You can choose any pattern for knitting. For warm socks, this can be an elastic band, alternating with braids, and for thin ones, any one that you like is suitable. First, the height of the toe gum is tied. Further along the edges, loops are collected, the number of which should be equal to the length of the foot without regard to the heel. Continue to work on the drawing, but with decreasing the loops either in the center and at the edges, or just around the edges in each face row. So knit until there are about 10-14 loops left on the spoke. In the end, you should get a triangle on the leg. Next, this piece must be turned into a product. The easiest option is to tie the loops on the spoke, grasping the edges on each side. According to this scheme, knitting the sock with knitting needles is very simple.

Option Two

A more complex version with the use of five spokes. For such a product, loops are made, the number of which should be equal to the width of the rubber. Divide them into 4 parts - equally on each spoke, and one remains working.

They work in a circle, not turning over the futuresock from side to side. Crochet until the desired height is ready, then go to the heel. To tie a sock with knitting needles with this technique, this step is mandatory. To make a heel it is simple, for this purpose loops from one spoke are not taken in work, and having reached it, the product is turned.

how to knit socks with knitting needles
So do until the heel depth is ready. After knitting only the loops of the middle part, with each side lifting and closing on the loop of the neighboring knitting needle. After there is only one part of the loops, on the edges of the heels of the heels, the same number of loops are recruited, as many as were closed. Then continue to work with all the spokes in a circle. When the desired length of the sock is ready, all the hinges are closed, making out the socks.

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