/ / Crafts from cones with their own hands and the hands of children will make life more interesting

Crafts of cones with their own hands and the hands of children will make life more interesting

crafts made of fir cones
One of the most popular improvised materialsare bumps. They have a very interesting and varied form. If you look at them from different angles, it becomes clear that from this natural material you can create a whole zoo. It is only necessary to show imagination, and your crafts made of cones, made with your own hands, will turn into cute figures of animals or beautiful and refined interior decorations. Also, cones on the eve of the New Year can serve as unusual decorations of your spruce, you should only decorate and dilute them with additional accessories - such as bows, ribbons, beads and sequins.
crafts from cones yourself

Starting to create another crafts of coneswith their own hands, it is necessary to take into account the fact that the cones after they dry completely open. Consequently, the shape of the cone will completely change the appearance and the already made artifact will deteriorate. A sufficiently strong deformation occurs if crafts made of spruce cones were made - smooth, regular shapes that would turn into fluffy and round balls. To use a fresh bump and keep it in its original form, you must prevent it from changing. To do this, you need to lower the lump into a warm solution of the joinery glue, in which it must lie for a while. Meanwhile, while it is in solution, it seeps inside, and its scales glue together. After finishing this procedure, you need to give the bump time for complete drying. After that, you can safely break into the manufacture of hand-made articles of cones.

Cones can be used not only fresh andclosed, but also already dried and uncovered. Include your imagination - and the usual nondescript cone will stun everyone with its newfound appearance, becoming, for example, a three-dimensional figure of an animal. Cones can be joined together. If your composition requires several cones, then you can use hot glue or super-glue. For children's fakes, you can replace the glue on plasticine, since it is completely harmless. Plasticine is much safer and more practical. From it you can fashion a nice face or any missing details of the animal that you are trying to portray. Thus, crafts made of cones, made with their own hands together with children, will look more vivid and attractive. Creating such crafts can not only entice you, but also serve as an original decor for decorating the office or your apartment.

crafts from cones and plasticine

Crafts made of cones and plasticine, created by children'shands, are an excellent way to take the kids for a while. But this is not just entertainment, but a wonderful way to develop children's imagination. Also, the creation of such handicrafts contributes to improving the motor skills of children's fingers and has a beneficial effect on the child's mental abilities. It is necessary to appreciate the creativity of children with admiration, since the work is a magnificent thing expressing their creative and mental potential.

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