/ / Handicraft of acorns. We learn to do interesting things with our own hands

Handicraft of acorns. We learn to do interesting things with our own hands

Autumn walk with children in nature is alwaysends with the fact that the house brings the full pockets of the gifts of nature: chestnuts, cones and, of course, acorns. Of the last children especially likes to make crafts. This is an excellent material for children's creativity. What can be crafts made of acorns? The photos presented in this article are a good example of the fact that products made from oak fruits can be varied, beautiful and original. Try to make something out of the acorns with the kids. You will like this fascinating process. We will tell interesting ideas and useful advice right now.

hand-made acorns

Crafts from acorns for children

Figures of animals and people made of fruitsoak, will become the favorite heroes in the games of kids. You can, together with them, make a whole family of little men and their pets from this natural material.

1. The dog

This craft is made of acorns with their own handsquick and easy. For work, two acorns, three lobes (maple seeds), rowan berries, a toothpick or a match, plasticine will be needed. If the child is very small, help him pierce the hole in the acorns with a stitch to fix the toothpick. One fruit pierce at the edge, where the hat was fastened, it will be the trunk. The second acorn pierced in the middle - this will be the head of the dog. Connect the two parts with a toothpick or match. With a clay plastic, attach the litters to the head part (get the ears) and the trunk (the tail will come out). Feet of acorn hats. The eyes and spout can be dazzled from plasticine or from berries of mountain ash. An article made from acorns, made by your own hands, will become your favorite toy of the baby.

crafts from acorns for children
2. The little man

To make such a figurine from acorns, exceptnatural material, you will need matches, rowan berries, lionfish and clay. The principle of joining parts is the same as in the previous product. Two acorns are the head and trunk. Four matches are hands and feet. The feet are made of hats of acorns, the little man on them can stand well. Part of the face blinding from plasticine. To designate male and female figures, you can make elements of clothing and decorations: beads of rowan berries, a skirt of lionfish, a hat from an acorn hat, a belt of dry grass. Such an article made of acorns, carefully made by own hands, can be not just a toy, but a real friend of your crumbs.

children's crafts made of acorns
By the same principle, fish are made, andinsects, birds, and fantastic creatures. If you want to keep figurines from acorns for a long time, they can be covered with varnish for processing wooden products. This will give the crafts durability and brilliance.

Home Decoration

Completed with love an article from acornshands can become a beautiful addition and decoration of your interior. Here are some examples of where and how you can use the fruits of oak in the design of the home.

  • Decor mirrors, frames for photographs and paintings. This work is done from acorns with their own hands literally in half an hour. On the frame with a hot gun or glue for wood fastening caps of acorns and covered with varnish or paint from the can (silver or golden).
  • Wall panel. From dry grass, foliage, bunches of acorns and mountain ash you can make an original and very beautiful composition. Fold the hay in a ring, tie it with a ribbon or string. Zadekoriruyte natural materials. Brightness of the product can be added with the help of dried flowers.
    crafts from acorns Photo
  • Decoration of nails and bolts fastenings on furniture with the help of acorn hats. It looks stylish and unusual.

As you can see, an article made from acorns, with your own handsmade, can serve in your home and decoration, and a toy, and a practical thing. Do not rush to throw out the acorns that fell out of the pockets of the child's jacket. Give them a second life in the form of interesting products.

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