/ Two beach bags. With our own hands we create beauty

Two beach bags. With our own hands we create beauty

For a hike to the beach during the holidays orweekly picnics on the city beach, you can not do without a beach bag. And it is better if there are several. Why? Because the program for the day can be different. It's one thing to go out to the sea for a couple of hours and quite another - to pack everything you need for a picnic. In the latter version, you can not do without a bag over your shoulder. Women's beach bags usually have two long handles, but you can make one.

Beach bags with own hands

We select the material

If you want to make beach bags yourhands, then first decide on the material. The craftsmanship and creativity of our needlewomen has long been envied by designers of developed countries. What is the only material that is not allowed into the important business of making bags for the beach is our beautiful half. Most fabrics do not need to run to the store. Almost all of them are from the category "what is at hand". Towels and pillow cases, rigging cotton straps and plastic bottles, building nets and shower curtains, t-shirts and even final dresses.

Of course, you can buy them in any storeaccessories. But do not spend money on beach bags. With their own hands, they can be sewn literally in a couple of hours. Shake out unnecessary things sent to the pantry or on the mezzanine. Get everything that can come in handy. An old T-shirt? Excellent. And this grid, remaining after the repair work, is also suitable. And with this old handbag you may need a ring on the handle. And so on. Do not limit your imagination. It is she, and also your skillful hands will allocate you from the beach crowd.

We sew two beach bags with our own hands

Very simple

Old T-shirt, coarse pillow case, thread,scissors and a sewing machine - that's all we need. The good news is that you will not have to rip anything off. Put the T-shirt on the pillowcase and draw a rectangle so that the pattern does not fall under the slice. Fix with studs and cut out. Fold the knit and ligature parts with the faces. Stuchayte. Turn and lay the finishing seam. Fold the processed parts - the front and back with the wrong sides and sew, having deviated from the edge of 0,7-1 cm. Turn and again mow, retreating 1,2-1,5 cm. Cut out the rectangular pieces from the rests of the pillowcases, glue the glue and sew a long handle. Double stitches sew it to the side seams.

we sew bags by own hands

A capacious and almost weightless

The second item of our project "We sew bags by our own hands" is a product made of plastic mesh.

Open a few rectangles of cotton fabric: 1 wide for finishing the bottom of the bag, 2 for the edges of the upper edge of the bag and 2 for the handles and one large for the mesh, press the padding onto them;

Pencil handles with a special tape;

Place a detail of the bottom trim on the center of the grid and stitch it;

Sew the obtacks on the top edge of the bag;

Sew the handles and attach them to the obtacles;

Fold the almost assembled bag with the faces. Look, maybe you want to draw curly sides. Trim to your liking. The bag can, both expand to the bottom, and taper;

Stitch the parts of the bag fixed with pins. Handle the allowance for beauty and reliability with an oblique bake.

shoulder bags for women

That's all, two beach bags, made with their own hands ready to exit "into the light."

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